What happened to the Wanaka lake tree?

What happened to the Wanaka lake tree?

The tree was vandalised on 18 March 2020, with multiple limbs being sawed off and left on the shore. Reports noted that the tree’s limbs would likely be slow to grow back due to the cold water the tree’s roots are submerged in.

What is so special about the Wanaka tree?

It is perhaps New Zealand’s most photographed tree — and for good reason. Its delicately curved trunk seemingly grows directly out of the pristine waters of Lake Wanaka. Indeed, the tree appears to be floating on the surface of the water. It’s not a miracle, just an illusion perpetrated by nature.

Where can you find this lonely tree on a lake?

Framed by the South Island’s stunning Southern Alps, a lonely tree has grown up to spread its wings just off shore at the south end of Lake Wanaka. Known as the “lone tree of lake Wanaka,” it is said to be one of the most photographed trees in all New Zealand.

How old is the tree in Lake Wanaka?

The tree started life as a fence post at least 77 years ago. Wanaka artist and writer Gwenda Rowlands, 85, is a keeper of local history and remembers the fence line from 1939, when she first visited it in a little dinghy her father built for her and her older brother.

What is the most photographed tree in the world?

The Lone Cypress Tree
The Lone Cypress Tree on the California Coast is considered the single most photographed tree in the world, and it’s not difficult to see why. Located in the town of Pebble Beach in Monterey County, the stunning background paired with the beautiful shape of the tree makes for an exquisite view.

What species is the Wanaka tree?

crack willow
This is in part due to the delicate nature of the species: As Tim Errington, the arboricultural officer for the Queenstown Lakes District Council, told Lonely Planet the Wanaka tree is a crack willow (salix fragilis), named for brittle wood that easily breaks.

How do I get to Lake Wanaka tree?

To get to the tree, drive your car to the end of Lake Wanaka on Wanaka Mount Aspiring Road and park it close to the Wanaka Watersports Facility. Or you can walk along the lake on the Lake Wanaka Hike/Bike Track. It’s hard to miss the lone tree in Wanaka as there are always tourists taking pictures of it.

How old was the loneliest tree in the world?

around 300 years
For around 300 years, the Tree of Ténéré was fabled to be the most isolated tree on the planet. The acacia was the only tree for 250 miles in Niger’s Sahara desert, and was used as a landmark by travelers and caravans passing through the hostile terrain.

Who vandalized the Wanaka tree?

The vandalism is being called a “completely senseless act” by Wanaka Community Board member Chris Hadfield. Sadly, in today’s Instagram culture, it wouldn’t be surprising to learn that an Instagram “influencer” had chopped off the branches because they didn’t like how they looked in their photo.

Why was Wanaka called Pembroke?

The present site of Wanaka was first surveyed in 1863, and settlement increased in Pembroke (the old name for Wanaka) during the 1870s because of timber milling in the Matukituki and Makarora Valleys and the use of Lake Wanaka for transport.

How do you photograph a Wanaka tree?

Tips for Photographing the Wanaka Tree

  1. Tip 2: Go Early- I got to the tree about an hour before sunrise and well over an hour before sunset.
  2. Tip 3: Bring a zoom lens- I found that the majority of my best shots were shot around 40-60mm.
  3. Tip 5: Give yourself a few days- I honestly think this is a huge one.

What is the “Lone Tree of Lake Wanaka?

Known as the “lone tree of lake Wanaka,” it is said to be one of the most photographed trees in all New Zealand. However you still need to have the inside scoop to find it, as there are no signs directing people to the solitary tree.

What happened to the Lake Wanaka tree?

Though the “Lake Wanaka Tree” is, well, in a lake, the water levels are often low enough for tourists to walk through and climb the tree, which causes a lot of strain—a branch even snapped off just before Christmas in 2017.

How do I get to the Wanaka tree?

The Wanaka Tree is a Willow Tree. How do you get to the Wanaka Tree? From Wanaka, walk left (facing the lake) along the shore of Lake Wanaka and keep walking for around 15 minutes. If you follow the shore of the lake you can’t miss the Wanaka Tree. When is the best time of day to visit the Wanaka Tree?

What is there to do at Lake Wanaka?

Lake Wanaka is stunning and there are a couple of ways to enjoy this beautiful body of water. You can walk along the foreshore, have a drink at a pub with a view, go paddleboarding or kayaking, enjoy a scenic boat cruise, or even go jet boating!