What happens at the end of Aguirre Wrath of God?

What happens at the end of Aguirre Wrath of God?

At the end, with his followers and daughter dead, a demented Aguirre is adrift on a raft overrun by monkeys. Truly, never has a band of monkey extras heard a better howl of monologue than this: “I, the Wrath of God, will marry my own daughter and with her I will found the purest dynasty the world has ever seen.

Is Aguirre the Wrath of God a true story?

It is based loosely on the true story of 16th-century conquistador Lupe De Aguirre (Kinski), the second-in-command of a Spanish force journeying down the Amazon in search of the mythical riches of El Dorado.

Is Fitzcarraldo a true story?

Fitzcarraldo is the true story of the attempt by an arguably mad Irishman called Fitzgerald to build an opera house in the Amazon. He had initially planned to build a railroad across the continent, starting off with his profits from an ice factory he had built; this new plan was even more audacious.

Why is Aguirre dubbed?

The original production sound was recorded on location, but not used because of its poor quality. The whole film was later dubbed into German. Werner Herzog claims that Klaus Kinski wanted too much money for the recording sessions, so Gerd Martienzen dubbed him.

What language is Fitzcarraldo?

SpanishGermanItalianAsháninka language

How many people died during Fitzcarraldo?

Filming was hit by a plane crash that left four people dead and one paralysed.

Where was Aguirre filmed?

Machu Picchu
It was filmed on location in the Peruvian rainforest, Machu Picchu (the stone steps of Huayna Picchu), and on the Amazon River tributaries of the Ucayali region. Aguirre was shot in five weeks, following nine months of pre-production planning.

What is the meaning of Aguirre the Wrath of God?

Aguirre, the Wrath of God shows Herzog’s mutual affection and abhorrence for Nature, how it remains ambivalent to human desire and cruel to our often maniacal ambitions, and yet how we continue to think, through our own deluded perspective, that we can somehow conquer it.

How does Aguirre react to the decision of the men?

Aguirre glares at each of the men until they reluctantly raise their hands and the decision is unanimous. Perucho elects Aguirre to remain second in command, the group agrees. Balthasar, one of the Indian slaves, speaks with Flores. He has survived plagues and floods, but what the Spanish have done to him is far worse.

What warning does Aguirre give to Ursua in the river?

Guzman sits on a bench in the river, washed and massaged by two men. Aguirre comes up behind him and warns that so long as Ursua lives, his life will be in danger. Ursua still has sympathizers within the group.

Why does Aguirre order an Indian slave to play the flute?

Noting the men are stilled unsettled, Aguirre orders an Indian slave to play the flute for them. Two Indians, a man and a woman, paddle over to the raft in a canoe. The Spaniards are wary of a trap, but pull them up onto the raft.

What does Aguirre do to scare the Indians?

Aguirre sets up an attack. Okello, the black slave, is stripped save for a loin cloth, so he can scare the Indians. The group lands and, prodded by the Spaniards behind him, Okello reluctantly runs in front of them into the village.