What is 30 Juz Quran?

What is 30 Juz Quran?

The 30th juz’ of the Quran includes the last 36 surahs (chapters) of the holy book, from the first verse of the 78th chapter (An-Nabaa 78:1) and continuing to the end of the Quran, or verse 6 of the 114th chapter (An-Nas 114:1).

What is the number of the surah Al Layl in the surah of the Qur an?

Sūrat al-Layl (Arabic: الليل, “The Night”) is the ninety-second sūrah (chapter) of the Qur’an, containing twenty-one āyāt (verses).

What is the surah Al Layl tells us about?

About this Surah: The Surah contrasts two types of people, the charitable and the miserly, and it describes each of their characteristics. It distinguishes between two different ways of life and shows us their ultimate end. It gives us a simple blueprint for a life of ease and success.

What are the names of the 30 juz of Quran?

List Breakdown of the 30 Juz of the Qur’an

  • Juz 1. Alif Lam Meem. 1:1-2:74. آلم
  • Juz 2. Sayaqool. 2:142 – 2:252. سَيَقُولُ
  • Juz 3. Tilkal Rusulu. 2:253 – 3:92.
  • Juz 4. Lan tanaloo albirra. 3:93 – 4:23.
  • Juz 5. Wal Mohsanatu. 4:24 – 4:147.
  • Juz 6. La Yuhibbullah. 4:148 – 5:81.
  • Juz 7. Wa Iza Samiu. 5:82 – 6:110.
  • Juz 8. Wa Lau Annana. 6:111 – 7:87.

What does Lail mean?

“Lail” is an Arabic word which literally means “night”. It is also the title of Chapter 92 of the Koran: “Al-Lail”, “The Night”. Other forms of the name are: Laila, Layla, Leela, Leelah, Leilah, Leilia, Lela, Lelah, Lelia, Leyla.

Where was Surah revealed?

the cave of Hirah
This revelation began with the first five verses of Surah “al-Alaq” these verses were revealed to the prophet (peace be upon him), while he was on a spiritual retreat in the cave of Hirah, near Makkah; According to the views of some scholars the first complete Surah to be revealed was “Surahul – Fatlha” and the Last …

How many Surahs are in 30th chapter Para of Quran?

The most commonly memorized juzʼ is juzʼ ‘amma, the 30th juzʼ, containing chapters (sūrah) 78 through 114, with most of the shortest chapters of the Qurʼān.

How many surahs are in the Quran 30?

How many Surahs are there in Amma Para? The most commonly memorized Juz’ is Juz’ Amma, the 30th Juz’, containing chapters (Surah) 78 to 114 total 37 surah, with most of the smallest chapters of the Holy Quran.