What is a mx hare scramble?

What is a mx hare scramble?

Cross country or hare scrambles races are off-road competition events. Unlike an enduro, all riders in a single class start on the same row, and the event is an all-out race to the finish. They are conducted on several-mile-long marked courses through woods or desert and over rugged natural terrain.

What is a GP dirt bike race?

Grand Prix ”GP” courses are very similar to WORCS racing, but races are usually shorter, at about 45 minutes.

How do you get into GNCC racing?

Registration: At the Event

  1. Step 1: Go to Rider Registration and complete the Entry Form at the table outside the red tent.
  2. Step 2: You will need to have a current AMA membership and know your AMA number and expiration in order to register.
  3. Step 3: GNCC uses RFID transponders to score the races.

What’s the difference between MX1 and MX2?

What is MX1 and MX2? MX1 is known as the big bikes and are usually 250cc 2Strokes and 450cc 4 strokes, but realistically MX1 is anything above 145cc 2Stroke and 251cc 4stroke. MX2 is the smaller adult bike capacity class, usually 125cc 2strokes or 144cc 2strokes, and 250cc 4Strokes.

What is the difference between motocross and MXGP?

The MXGP class permits the entry of machinery from 250cc two-strokes to 450cc four-strokes, while the ‘MX2’ class is for machinery from 125cc two-strokes to 250cc four-strokes and has an age restriction. Only riders under the age of 23-years-old are permitted to enter the FIM Motocross MX2 World Championship.

What is a MTB Enduro race?

Enduro in its most basic definition is a type of mountain bike racing where the downhills are timed, and the uphills are mandatory but not timed. Riders are timed in stages that are primarily downhill, with neutral “transfer” stages in between.

What is Hare and Hounds Enduro?

Hare and hound races are desert races. They are popular in the western states where there are large amounts of open land to race, and they challenge riders to compete over a natural terrain course 40-120 miles long, passing through a series of checkpoints.