What is a sub advised mandate?

What is a sub advised mandate?

A sub-advised fund involves a third-party money manager that is hired by an investment company or mutual fund to manage an investment portfolio. Sub-advised funds are typically sought by investment companies because of their expertise in managing a specific strategy.

What is a sub advisory relationship?

In a sub-advisory arrangement, you are responsible for contracting directly with the sub-adviser. You are also responsible for ensuring that all disclosure documents (both yours and the sub-adviser’s) and contracts are properly delivered to the client.

What’s the difference between advisor and adviser?

The main difference between an advisor and an adviser is simply spelling. Both terms refer to an individual who operates in an advisory capacity. According to Merriam-Webster, “advisor” is often considered formal, whereas “adviser” is more commonplace.

What is ILP sub-fund?

ILP sub-funds are the funds offered by investment-linked policies. This could be an investment directly into the unit trust or through the insurance company’s own funds. Now when you are considering an ILP, it’s important to take note of what type of funds they invest in.

What is the purpose of a feeder fund?

A feeder fund is one of many smaller investment funds that pool investor money, which is then aggregated under a single centralized master fund. Consolidation of feeder funds into a master fund allows for reductions of operation and trading costs, and a larger portfolio has the added benefit of economies of scale.

How many VCCs are there in Singapore?

At the start of 2020, Singapore introduced a new corporate entity structure, the Variable Capital Company (VCC), and by June the number of incorporated VCCs had grown to over 300.

Are sub funds legal entities?

The shares/units relating to each sub-fund are backed by different assets, yet they represent a single legal entity.

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How can sub-advisors help investment managers launch new fund offerings?

In some cases, investment managers can launch new fund offerings more efficiently with lower costs and better operational processing through a sub-advisory relationship. Many investment managers partner with sub-advisors for lower costs and broader fund offering diversification.