What is a ten notice?

What is a ten notice?

A Temporary Event Notice (TEN) is a standalone licensing permission which permits licensable activities for a short period of time.

How long should the minimum period be between two tens at the same premises?

The event can last no more than 168 hours (7 days) with a minimum of 24 hours between events at the same premises.

How long does a personal licence last?

An applicant for a personal licence must apply to the licensing authority where they ordinarily live. A licence will last for a period of 10 years unless it is surrendered or forfeited before the expiry date.

What’s a premises licence?

What is a premises licence? Premises at which entertainment and certain other activities including the sale of alcohol are provided are required to be licensed under the Licensing Act 2003 (the Act). The premises licence is valid for the life of the business supplying alcohol and/or regulated entertainment.

How long do police have to object to a ten?

168 hours
A Temporary Event Notice (TEN) is given by an individual (a premises user) and authorises the premises user to conduct one or more licensable activities at premises for no more than 168 hours.

How many TENs do you get a year?

You can get up to five TENs a year. If you already have a personal licence to sell alcohol, you can be given up to 50 TENs a year. A single premises can have up to 15 TENs applied for in one year, as long as the total length of the events is not more than 21 days.

How many TENs are you allowed?

How long can a TENs last?

TENs can only be given for events where the capacity will not exceed 499 people at any one time. The event can last no more than 168 hours (seven days) with a minimum of 24 hours between your event and the start or finish of another Temporary Event Notice.

Does a personal licence holder have to be on site at all times UK?

In every licensed premises that is authorised for the sale by retail of alcohol, one personal licence holder must be specified as the DPS. A DPS does not have to be present at the licensed premises at all times but they must be easy to contact when not present.

Can you give alcohol away for free UK?

Free alcohol at charity events Your charity can give alcohol away at events or meetings without a licence, but you must make it clear that the value of the alcohol is not included in any ticket price or entrance fee.

How do I get a premises licence UK?

Applications for premises licences must be made to the licensing authority within whose area your premises is situated. This will normally be your local authority. Application forms can be obtained from GOV.UK or Home Office websites or, on request, from your licensing authority.

What are the responsibilities of a premises licence holder?

A premises licence may specify that a DPS and/or a personal alcohol licence holder must be present at the premise during certain times and/or licensable activities. It is the responsibility of the Premises Licence Holder to check any conditions on a licence and to ensure that there is compliance.