What is an AAU ID?

What is an AAU ID?

Promoting Fair Play for Youth Athletes National Sports ID is an online service that verifies the age/grade of youth athletes by providing sports IDs to prove eligibility for all AAU licensed events. The cost for the sports ID is just $10 for the year. The sports ID is valid for 365 days from the date it is approved.

What are the different levels of AAU?

When doing so, you will have three categories to choose from: AAU Club Level 1, AAU Club Level 2 and AAU Club Level 3. AAU Club Level 1 provides your new club with the ability to participate in AAU basketball tournaments. This costs $30. AAU Club Level 2 allows you to play host to AAU basketball tournaments.

How much is an AAU membership?

Please note that an AAU Athlete membership is ONLY $14.00 or $16.00. It is recommended that AAU membership be purchased by the parent/guardian online to ensure that their child has a valid AAU membership. A benefit of membership is the AAU Insurance Program. LEARN MORE Members can purchase regular or extended coverage members. LEARN MORE

How to join AAU?

How to Join the AAU. Any university or higher education body desiring membership in the Association shall submit an online application for membership to the Governing Board at least one month before the convening of the next General Conference.

Is AAU worth it?

Playing AAU basketball in a good organization can still lead to a college education. “It’s a huge tool for us, as far as going out and seeing different types of talent,” St. John Fisher College

How to become AAU coach?

Remember always that it’s a privilege to be in the corner with your wrestler.

  • Watch your athletes and assess how your preparations in practice have helped them prepare for this moment on the mat.
  • Encourage your athlete during the match to help him or her do their absolute best in the moment.