What is another term for a love letter?

What is another term for a love letter?

“I’m still thinking about sending him a love letter sealed with a cherry lip gloss kiss.”…What is another word for love letter?

letter note
valentine missive
billet-doux dispatch
communication line
memo correspondence

What is a word for letter?

What is another word for letter?

message note
correspondence dispatch
memo report
bulletin memorandum
epistle word

What’s the meaning of love letter?

expression of love
A love letter is an expression of love in written form. However delivered, the letter may be anything from a short and simple message of love to a lengthy explanation and description of feelings.

Is there a bigger word than love?

Cherish – I cherish my time with you. This is stronger than the word ‘love’ in that it shows just how much you value spending time with them.

What is a synonym for Love?

Synonyms for love include affection, adoration, devotion, like, attachment, friendship, intimacy, respect, amity and amour. Find more similar words at wordhippo.com!

What are 5 words to describe love?

WORDS RELATED TO LOVE. 1 admiration. noungreat respect. account. adoration. affection. applause. appreciation. approbation. approval. deference. delight. esteem. estimation. 2 affair. 3 affairs. 4 affection. 5 aloha. noungreeting. affection. farewell. goodbye. hello. love. salutation.

What do you call a letter to the author?

Noun. A letter written about the author’s love for the intended reader. letter. missive. note. valentine. billet-doux. dispatch. communication.

What do you say to a girl who is in love?

“Groping for words, I tell her of my ongoing love and respect, which has outlasted a cycle of hurt and mutual wariness.” “As each day passed, my love for you grew.”