What is Auto IP aliasing?

What is Auto IP aliasing?

Auto IP Aliasing configures automatically generated IP Address for the corresponding WLAN/LAN interface if enabled. Generated IP address is the unique Class B IP address from the 169.254. X.Y range (Netmask 255.255. 0.0) which are intended for use within the same network segment only.

What is an alias IP address?

An IP alias is an IP label or IP address that is configured onto a network interface card in addition to the originally configured IP label or IP address on the network interface card (NIC).

How does IP aliasing work?

In the context of IP Addressing, Aliasing refers to the process of creating and configuring multiple IP addresses on a single Network Interface. By having aliased IP addresses, you can create multiple connections to a network for an individual node on a network where each connection can serve for a different purpose.

How do I create an IP alias?


  1. Click Start > Settings > Control Panel > Network Connection.
  2. Open the network interface that you want to associate the IP aliases with.
  3. Scroll down to Internet Protocol (TCP/IP), and click Properties.
  4. You must be using static IP addresses to create IP aliases on this host.
  5. Create the IP aliases:

What is the use of IP aliasing?

IP aliasing is the process of assigning several IP addresses to a network interface. It allows a single node on a network to have many network connections, each having a different purpose. Multiple network addresses can be provided on a single physical interface using IP aliasing.

What are secondary IPs?

A secondary IP address is a bind address. The secondary IP address is used only as a source IP address when it responds to incoming traffic to the secondary IP address. To create the primary IP address, use the ip-address command. To remove secondary IP addresses, use the no ip-secondary-address command.

What are the different ways to use the Ubiquiti bullet m2?

That being the case, here are the three most common ways of using the Ubiquiti Bullet M2: 1. External WiFi Adapter In this mode the Bullet takes the place of your laptop’s internal WiFi card.

How do I access the configuration page for the bullet m2hp?

Accessing the Bullet M2HP configuration page ¶ From a factory reset, the Bullet can be accessed through its standard IP ( However, its default settings are WiFi station and bridge mode. As such, it does not generate a WiFi network nor runs a DHCP server, meaning that a physical cable connection and manual IP setting are necessary.

What is the default IP address of the Bullet 2 hp?

Because I would use it some 240 miles from my home, I wanted to option it and verify its readiness before taking it to where it would be installed. The Bullet 2 HP comes with a default configuration of Bridge mode and a fixed IP of The default username and password are both ubnt.

How much bandwidth does the bullet m2 need?

The bullet M2 does want to get above 10-15 Mbps of throughput. This is the case even when the device is direct connected to a network that has 50 Mbps throughput to the Internet. Other AP devices connect and max out without difficulty. We are really using these to just try and get the range that they are able to obtain with an omni antenna.