What is considered high mileage for a Duramax diesel?

What is considered high mileage for a Duramax diesel?

What Is Considered High Mileage For A Duramax Diesel? Used diesel trucks with Cummins or Duramax engines under the hood are considered to have high mileage if they reach 350,000 miles or more. The highest mileage for a Powerstroke diesel engine is 350,000 miles.

How many miles are a lot for 6.6 Duramax?

In terms of overall life expectancy, Duramax engines should last more than 300,000 miles if maintained properly. Yet, Duramax makes good with the 500,000-mile range, consumers report.

Is it worth it to buy a high mileage Duramax?

The premium of a Duramax isn’t worth it in any way shape or form unless you are towing and generally towing big. You can buy an awful lot of gas for the Duramax premium price. But if you are going to tow, then spend more money and get a lower mile truck.

How much does it cost to rebuild a Duramax diesel?

Depending on on the rebuilder, a Duramax engine replacement is going to cost at least $15,000. Depending on the year and other potential issues or wishes of the customer, you could expect a range likely between $15,000 and $25,000 for Duramax engine replacement.

What is so special about Allison Transmission?

Allison Transmission’s patented Continuous Power Technologyâ„¢ delivers smooth, seamless, full-power shifts and superior acceleration and startability. Each shift is made automatically at the right time, allowing each driver to precisely manage speed and efficiency.

How many miles will Allison 1000 transmission last?

Registered. 3 miles or 300k miles if it starts to slip your done.

What is the average MPG for a Duramax Diesel?

Trucks equipped with either the Duramax 6600 or 6.5L turbodiesels can tow twice that weight at 65-70 mph while producing fuel economy in the 10-13 mpg range. Both Duramax and 6.5L TD fuel economy while running empty could range from 15-20 mpg depending on gearing and driving habits.

What are the problems with the Duramax?

Fuel Injector Failure

  • Water Pump Failure
  • Fuel Filter Housing O-ring Leaks
  • Blown Head Gasket
  • Overheating (fan clutch problems,radiator gunk)
  • How to get 30+ mpg with a Duramax engine?

    the best way to gain 30 mpg is when the engine is cruising, they need to shut off 4 of the cylinders so its a 4 cylinder running, that will dramatically save fuel and probably push it to 40 mpg, but using that feature will only work when driving empty, if you were towing, you probably could use 6 out 8 cylinders to tow.

    What is the best Duramax engine?

    – Power: 310 HP at 3,000 RPM – Torque: 605 lb-ft at 1,600 RPM – Block: cast gray iron – Head: cast aluminum – Compression ratio: 17.5:1 – Valvetrain: OHV (overhead valve), 4 valves per cylinder