What is ductility test of bitumen?

What is ductility test of bitumen?

property of bitumen which allows it to undergo deformation or elongation is called ductility of bitumen. The ductility of bitumen is measured by the distance in Cm (centimeter), to which the bitumen sample will elongate before breaking when it is pulled by standard specimen at specified speed and temperature.

What is the ductility test?

Ductility Testing. Ductility measures a specimen’s ability to undergo plastic deformation prior to breaking. Results are often expressed as the percent elongation, or the percent of area reduction. In simple terms it is a measurement of how far a sample stretches before it breaks.

Why is ductility test on bitumen performed?

The ductility of a bitumen specimen mainly gives information about the tensile strength and ductility grade of bitumen. Due to temperature stress’s roads expand at daytime and contract at night. So, if the bitumen is not adequately ductile cracking will occur.

What are the factors that affect ductility of bitumen?

The ductility value gets affected by factors such as pouring temperature, test temperature, rate of pulling etc. A minimum ductility value of 75 cm has been specified by the BIS.

How can we express ductility of bitumen?

Bitumen ductility is expressed as the distance in centimeters by which a standard bitumen briquette can be stretched before the line breaks, this test should be performed at 27 oC and traction should be applied at a rate of 50 mm per minute. The minimum width of the cross-section of the mold must be 10 mm x 10 mm.

Is code for ductility test of bitumen?

Ductility of bitumen is its property to elongate under traffic load without getting cracked in road construction works.

Which Mould is used for ductility test of bitumen?

briquette mould
Sample Preparation: In this step, the bitumen sample is filled in the briquette mould after melting it. Testing of the Specimen: In this step, the bitumen sample taken in the mould is tested for its ductility in the ductility testing machine.

What is the temperature of ductility test of bitumen?

b) Ductility test in bitumen is carried out at 27°C.