What is EFU zoning in Jackson County Oregon?

What is EFU zoning in Jackson County Oregon?

EFU is a zoning category, and rarely gets changed. Likely, your Farm Special Assessment was disqualified. Refer to the Oregon Department of Revenue Farm Assessment flyer for your property’s zoning (EFU or NON-EFU) for “What Land Qualifies.” For NON-EFU zoning, be sure to read the Gross Income Requirements as well.

What does EFU zoning mean in Oregon?

exclusive farm use
The purpose of the EFU (exclusive farm use) zone is to provide areas for continued practice of commercial agriculture. It is intended to be applied in those areas composed of tracts that are predominantly high-value farm soils as defined in OAR 660-033-0020(8).

Can you build on EFU zoned land in Oregon?

For planning purposes the zoning ordinance as it pertains to EFU, generally allows for only one single family dwelling unit, buildings accessory to a dwelling, and permitted agricultural buildings for animals and equipment as necessary to operate a farm.

Can you build on farm land in Oregon?

Dwellings on Farm and Forest Lands Lot-of-record dwellings may not be sited on high-value farmland unless the parcel cannot practicably be managed for farm use. Non-farm dwellings must be sited on soils that are generally unsuitable for agriculture.

What is rr5 zoning in Oregon?

The parcel size must be large enough for the zone to allow two dwellings. Using the Rural Residential (RR-5) zone as an example, if the parcel is ten acres in size, then two dwellings may be on the property because the requirement for the RR-5 zone is one dwelling per five acres.

What classifies a property as a farm?

Official definition of farms According to the United States Department of Agriculture, “A farm is defined as any place from which $1,000 or more of agricultural products were produced and sold, or normally would have been sold, during the year.”

What is considered a farm in Oregon?

State law requires that for farmers to qualify, they have to gross $100 an acre. If they farm less than 6.5 acres, they must earn $650 in gross—not net—income in three out of every five years. That threshold has not changed in decades and would be more than $3,500 today if adjusted for inflation.

What constitutes agricultural use?

Related Definitions Agricultural use means any use of water primarily in the production of plant crops or livestock for market, including any use incidental thereto for domestic or stock-watering purposes.

Can I build a house on my land in Oregon?

Oregon law requires you to obtain permits, even on your own property. This ensures that you meet minimum building standards for your safety and the safety of future property owners and occupants.

Can I build a second house on my property Oregon?

At least 60 percent of the building’s habitable space prior to conversion must be included within one of the dwelling units. Each of the dwelling units has to include a minimum area of 600 square feet, and not more than 60 square feet of floor area can be added to the building.

What is WR zoning in Jackson County Oregon?

Woodland Residential District- The purpose of the W-R district is to stabilize and protect the steep and forested areas within the City.

What does RR 4 mean?

Rural Residential District Zoning
RR-4 Rural Residential District. Zoning district for single family homes with agricultural uses – CH. 10-Zoning, Section 10.241. Incidental Room Rental 10.004(72)

How many counties in Oregon have EFU zoning?

All 36 counties in Oregon have implemented EFU zoning. The capability of land for farming also plays a role in where urban development goes. The criteria in ORS 197A.320 and Statewide Planning Goal 14 for expanding an urban growth boundary include consideration of whether the land is high-value farmland.

What is EFU zoning and how has it changed?

EFU zoning has changed over the years. In 1973, only 12 uses were allowed in EFU zones. Today the list has grown to more than 60. Although the primary use in EFU zones remains farming, the zone has been diversified to include a variety of uses such as agritourism, dog training, and destination resorts.

What is a home occupation in Oregon zoning?

Home occupations as provided in ORS 215.448 (Home occupations). A facility for the primary processing of forest products, provided that such facility is found to not seriously interfere with accepted farming practices and is compatible with farm uses described in ORS 215.203 (Zoning ordinances establishing exclusive farm use zones) (2).

What are the options for establishing a dwelling in an efu?

Seven options exist for establishing a dwelling in an EFU zone: As a primary dwelling for the farm operator. Approval of this type of dwelling typically requires evidence of earned farm income over the past several years. As an accessory dwelling for a relative of the farm operator.