What is ESP Workload automation?

What is ESP Workload automation?

ESP dSeries Workload Automation helps define, standardize, monitor, and manage application workloads across multiple platforms and applications.

What are the functions that a CA Workload automation ESP Edition event can perform?

ESP Workload Automation 12.0

  • Job and Workload Functions.
  • Access as an ISPF Option.
  • Access Through a Batch Program.
  • Access Through a TSO Command Processor.
  • Invoke as a Program in TSO.
  • Load Commands.
  • Alternative Input Data Sets.
  • Use Schedule Criteria. Calendar Terms. Holidays and Special Days. Special Periods.

What is CA Workload automation Agent?

Workload Automation Agents extend automation capabilities of CA Workload Automation solutions to a wide variety of processing platforms to integrate business processing with workload management. They reduce dependencies on scripting, coding and creating artificial procedures.

What is ESP in scheduling?

Workforce ESP Self Service is a web-based system that provides access to staff scheduling tools from work or from home. The system is available to employees who are scheduled in Workforce ESP, and the Org Chiefs and Schedulers who are responsible for them.

What is workload automation software?

Workload automation (WLA) is the process of using software to schedule, initiate, and execute business processes, transactions, workflows, and other related tasks. It also allows businesses to configure or stop processes.

What is ESP job?

Whereas EBP is responsible for controlling job entry, job execution and output dataset management the Elastic Scheduling Platform (ESP) duties involve scheduling tasks to be be run (which include JCL and other jobs handled by EBP) and collects the output reports in a central repository.

What does CA ESP stand for?

Enterprise Systems Platform (ESP). Automated cross-platform job scheduler. Using the CA Workload Automation Agent (formerly CA ESP System Agent), can manage job schedules across platforms.

What is ESP in Kronos?

The Kronos® Workforce ESP™ comprehensive software suite has been designed specifically for Canada’s health care industry to address challenges such as labour cost, workforce productivity, staff scheduling, absence management, and analytics.

What is a JAMS Job?

JAMS is a centralized workload automation and job scheduling solution that runs, monitors, and manages jobs and workflows that support critical business processes.

What is better than rundeck?

Jenkins, Ansible, Airflow, StackStorm, and Puppet Labs are the most popular alternatives and competitors to Rundeck.

What is ESP healthcare?

The Electronic medical record Support for Public health (ESP) project is an automated software application that analyzes electronic health record (EHR) data to identify and report conditions of interest to public health.