What is Grahan village famous for?

What is Grahan village famous for?

About Grahan Village Known for its scenic landscapes and the nearby waterfalls, the village also serves as a first stop or campsite to the trekkers going towards Sar pass or Khauli Pass. The trek is easy and the total trek distance from Kasol to Grahan village is 8 km.

How difficult is Grahan Trek?

The trek can be classified as easy on the difficulty level and takes around four to five hours. In season, there is a dhaba on the way for refreshments and it is a nice place to take a break on the long walk. Grahan village is a comparatively big village and has around 50-60 houses.

How far is Grahan from Kasol?

Grahan is 5-6 hours away from Kasol. The locals of Grahan are farmers who reap crops like potatoes, apples, and charas. The entire route from Kasol to Grahan is filled with beautiful views.

What is Malana famous for?

Malana is famous for its “Malana Cream”, a product made from cannabis plants which grow in the Parvati valley. Malana cream is regarded as high purity hash.

How do I get to Grahan village?

After crossing the makeshift bridge across the stream, the trail goes deep in the forest to directly reach Grahan Village. In the jungle, there are signboards and arrows that appear every 10 minutes indicating the path to Grahan village so that hikers and trekkers don’t get lost.

How far is Kasol from Manali?

75 Kms
Distance Between Manali to Kasol

Distance between Manali to Kasol by Road is 75 Kms
Distance between Manali to Kasol by Flight is 28 Kms
Travel Time from Manali to Kasol by Road is 2:27 hrs
Nearest Airport in Manali Bhuntar (32.24, 77.19)
Nearest Airport in Kasol Bhuntar (32.01, 77.32)

Is Kheerganga trek difficult?

With an easy to moderate difficulty level, the Kheerganga trek is as much about the journey as it is about the destination. One of the most beautiful and picturesque treks in the Himalayas, the Kheerganga trek is on many people’s to-do list.

How do I get Tosh village from Kasol?

If you want to travel from Kasol to Tosh, then another way is to reach Barshaini first. And then, you can trek for the remaining 3.5-4 km. It will take a total of 4 hours to reach from Kasol to Tosh, including the trek. And after reaching here, you can enjoy the valley view and can actually camp here for the night.

Why Kasol is Mini Israel?

↵Kasol is the Himalayan hotspot for backpackers and acts as a base for nearby treks to Malana and Kheerganga. It is called Mini Israel of India due to a high percentage of Israeli tourists here.

Is alcohol allowed in Kasol?

You can either buy alcohol from the Wineshops and there are at least a couple I had seen in Kasol. Plus you can also get your drinks at the cafes and restaurants in Kasol. But of course buying directly from the Wineshop is a hell lot of cheap then having alcohol at the cafes.

Why Kasol is known as Mini Israel?