What is MJI10?

What is MJI10?

An ECITB Mechanical Joint Integrity MJI10 training course includes; Health and safety. Instruction and practice in observing health and safety requirements and approved working practices. Prepare work areas for the preparation and tightening of flanged and clamp connector pipe joints.

How long does MJI10 last?

Successful completion results in an ECITB MJI10/18/19 certificate, valid for 12 months. Within 12 months work based task assignments need to be completed and technical competence validation test TMJI 10/18/19 taken.

What MJI 10?

Course Content This unit specifies the skilled performance expected of persons trained to dismantle, inspect, prepare, assemble and tighten flanged and clamp connector pipe joints using hand torque equipment. Health and Safety.

How long does MJI 10 last?

PLEASE NOTE: ECITB MJI Approved Course “Training Certificates” which are received upon successful completion of MJI10, MJI18 and/or MJI19 are valid for a 12-month period only for stage 3 technical testing application purposes.

What is Ecitb knowledge test?

ECITB Knowledge Tests prove an acceptable level of knowledge in a chosen subject area. It is important to revise your knowledge of your chosen subject area before attending the test.

What is a trade test in engineering?

A trade test is a final integrated summative assessment for an artisan qualification for a listed trade that is conducted at an accredited Trade Test Centre by an Assessor registered with National Artisan Moderating Body.

Is a CSCS card the same as a safety passport?

The CCNSG Safety Passport is a two-day training course. After sitting a test at the end of the course, successful candidates can then access engineering construction sites. In contrast, the CSCS health and safety test is for construction sites and issued by the CITB.

Can I do my safety passport online?

The EMSS approved National Safety Passport training course can be taken online or offline (via the flash-drive edition) and most candidates can reach the qualifying level of EMSS Safety Passport holder in 3-4 hours. On completion of the training, your registration will be verified.

Can I do trade test without experience?

Also completed workplace learning for minimum period of 18 months. Non‐contracted learners: Minimum of 3 years’ relevant work experience. for minimum period of 18 months. Non‐contracted learners: Minimum of 18 months’ relevant work experience.

How long does it take to get a trade test certificate?

The QCTO will issue a Trade Certificate within 21 working days after receipt of the candidate’s documents from NAMB. Should all documentation be submitted timeously and correctly, the learner’s certificate should be issued within 3 months of trade testing.

What is an ace card in construction?

The ACE Card The ACE scheme is an engineering construction industry safety card that ensures the competence of workers in the UK. Specifically, ACE stands for ‘Assuring Competence in Engineering’.