What is Open Graph Type?

What is Open Graph Type?

The open graph protocol allows developers to leverage Facebook in new and exciting ways. One of the easiest ways to venture into the world of Open Graph is to add the open graph meta tags to your site. Open graph meta tags allow you to control what content shows up when a page is shared on Facebook.

Is Open Graph good for SEO?

Officially, Open Graph does not have a direct impact on your on-page SEO and it just seems to be here to optimize your social links. Otherwise, social medias like Facebook have taken such an important place over the years that search engines can not ignore Open Graph’ data in their algorithm anymore.

What are OG types?

Starting with the basics of open graph

  • og:title : The title of your page.
  • og:type : The “type” of website you have.
  • og:image : This should be a link to an image that you’d like to represent your content.
  • og:url : This should be the URL of the current page.

What is OG type in SEO?

og:url This Open Graph tag is particularly useful if you have more than one URL for the same content and want to designate one for all your social shares. This tag will dictate the canonical URL for your page.

Is an Open Graph a schema?

Open Graph is a type of markup used by Facebook to parse out information like what image and description to display. Schema provides a more detailed list of options than Open Graph. They can be used together, but Open Graph cannot be used in place of schema.

What is an OGP image?

Open Graph Protocol (OGP) is a set of instructions intended for highlighting the title, description, URL and the image of a website you are sharing via Facebook.

What is Og_image?

An open graph image or OG image is the image that appears when you post a link to a web page or video content on your social media page. This forms part of an important group of meta tags that directly impact how the content links perform on social media platforms, like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.