What is Orthodox tonsure?

What is Orthodox tonsure?

Until it was abolished by Pope Paul VI (effective in 1973), tonsure was the ceremony by which a man was initiated into the clerical state and became eligible for ordination to the priesthood. In the Eastern Orthodox church tonsure is part of the ordination of the lector (reader).

Why do Orthodox cut hair at baptism?

The Tonsure Following the Baptism and Chrism, the Priest will tonsure the child by cutting some of his hair crosswise to signify: that Christ will be the head of the child from now on, that he will reject other allegiances.

What is a Rassophore monk?

Rasophore. Rasophore (Greek: ῥασοφόρος, rasophoros; Church Slavonic: рясофоръ, ryasofor), lit. “Robe-bearer”—If the novice continues to become a monk, he is clothed in the first degree of monasticism at a service at which he receives the tonsure.

What religion makes you shave your head?

In Buddhism, shaving your head (and face) is part of Pabbajja. Pabbajja is when a person leaves their home and “goes forth” to live the life of a Buddhist renunciate among ordained monks. It is a paramount step to becoming a monk.

Do Orthodox monks cut their hair?

Orthodox monks traditionally never cut their hair or beards after receiving the monastic tonsure as a sign of the consecration of their lives to God (reminiscent of the Vow of the Nazirite).

Do you have to be Orthodox to be a godparent?

These days, the church requires that at least one of the godparents is an Orthodox Christian of good standing. The other godparent doesn’t have to be Orthodox but both do need to be approved by the church or your priest. Only one godparent is really needed but a second can be chosen to assist in the process.

How do you address an Orthodox monk?

All Orthodox monks, except rank novices, are always addressed as ‘Father’. Amongst themselves they may at times use ‘Brother’. Dear Mr.

Can Orthodox monks marry?

Under Orthodox rules, a celibate priest cannot marry after ordination, and a non-celibate priest cannot remarry and remain a priest, even if his wife dies, he said. Widowers who remain celibate can become bishops, but that’s happened just once.

What religion is it forbidden to shave?

Sikhs. The Sikh religion forbids cutting or shaving any bodily hair.

Do Orthodox nuns shave their heads?

Bhikshu) or nun (Skt. Bhikshuni). This involves shaving the head and face. This tonsure is renewed as often as required to keep the head cleanly shaven.

What is a monk’s haircut called?

Tonsure (/ˈtɒnʃər/) is the practice of cutting or shaving some or all of the hair on the scalp as a sign of religious devotion or humility.

What is tonsure in Orthodoxy?

A tonsure is the cutting of hair, and is a part of several sacraments of initiation. Today in Eastern Orthodoxy, there are three types of tonsure: baptismal, monastic, and clerical.

What is Baptismal tonsure?

Baptismal tonsure is performed during the rite of Holy Baptism as a first sacrificial offering by the newly baptized. When a convert is chrismated, in some traditions, tonsuring also takes place.

What are the different types of monasticism?

Monasticism. Monastic tonsure (of which there are three grades: Rassophore, Stavrophore, and the Great Schema) is the rite of initiation into the monastic state.