What is set integrity pending state DB2?

What is set integrity pending state DB2?

The SET INTEGRITY statement is used to: Bring one or more tables out of set integrity pending state (previously known as “check pending state”) by performing required integrity processing on those tables.

How do I find out if my state table is in pending?

You can find out which table is in LOAD PENDING state by using ADMINTABINFO administration view.

What is Syscat tables in DB2?

TABLES. Contains one row for each table, view, or alias that is created. All of the catalog tables and views have entries in the SYSCAT.

What is LOAD command?

The LOAD command loads data at the page level, bypasses trigger firing and logging, and delays constraint checking and index building until after the data is loaded into the DB2 table. Data stored on the server can be in the form of a file, tape, or named pipe.

What is check pending in DB2?

Check Pending is when you have data added to the table using either insert or LOAD utility which violate table check constraints. The IBM DB2 LOAD UTILITY has ENFORCE CONSTRAINTS and similar options which disable enforcing tablespace check constraints during the LOAD operation.

How do I remove a table from load pending state?

You cannot access the table until the LOAD operation is restarted or terminated. You can use queries to detect and remove the Load Pending state. You must restart or terminate the previously failed LOAD operation on this table by issuing LOAD with the RESTART or TERMINATE option.

What is the status pending?

Pending Status: The pending status is the system’s way of telling you that it has received your report request, but is currently busy processing other requests.

What is load resume in Db2?

RESUME YES indicates that the records are to be added to the end of the table. The ENFORCE CONSTRAINTS option indicates that LOAD is to enforce referential constraints on the data that is being added. This option is also the default. All violations are reported in the output.

What is load replace in Db2?

Db2 processes data sets depending on the LOAD options that you specify. If you run LOAD REPLACE without the REUSE option, data sets that are not user-managed are deleted before the LOAD utility runs. The LOAD utility defines a new data set with a control interval that matches the page size.

How do I reset a pending copy status?

You can also remove the restriction by using one of these operations:

  2. LOAD REPLACE LOG NO with an inline copy.
  4. REORG LOG NO with an inline copy.

What is check pending status?

CHECK-pending (CHKP) restrictive status indicates that an object might be in an inconsistent state and must be checked. The following situations are examples of when CHKP status is set: The following utilities set CHKP status on a table space if referential integrity constraints are encountered: LOAD with ENFORCE NO.

How do you use pending?

Examples of pending in a Sentence Preposition He is being held in jail pending trial. She received a four-year sentence and is currently out on bail pending appeal. Adjective The results of the investigation are pending. There are lawsuits pending against the company.

How to check tables in set integrity pending state DB2?

Check tables in Set Integrity Pending state db2 => select substr(tabschema, 1, 50) as schema, substr(tabname, 1, 30) as table from syscat.tables where status=’C’ and type=’T’ SCHEMA                                             TABLE STG_DATAMART                                       F_REFERRAL_DAILY_STATUS 1 record(s) selected.

What is set integrity pending state in SQL Server?

Specifies that the set integrity pending state is to be immediately cascaded to descendent staging tables. Other descendent tables might later be put in set integrity pending state, if necessary, when the table is brought out of set integrity pending state.

How to solve load pending on table + set integrity pending?

solve load pending on table + set integrity pending state in db2 Posted on June 19, 2015June 19, 2015bydba Check tables in Load Pending state db2 => select substr(tabschema,1,30) as tabschema, substr(tabname,1,30) as tabname from SYSIBMADM.ADMINTABINFO where load_status = ‘PENDING’ TABSCHEMA                      TABNAME

What does the db2identifytype1 command do?

The db2IdentifyType1 command generates the appropriate commands for the conversion of any type-1 indexes found in tables or schemas for a specified database. For more information, see the “Converting type-1 indexes to type-2 indexes” topic.