What is the cheapest price for SiriusXM?

What is the cheapest price for SiriusXM?

How much is a SiriusXM subscription? SiriusXM basic plan for your car costs $5 per month for 140 channels for first 6 months. After that, it increases to $15.99/month. But before you go with the basic package, read on to see if All Access (with streaming, traffic, and weather) is the better long-term deal.

How do I renew my SiriusXM cheap?

To keep a cheap rate, call SiriusXM a few days before the end of your trial and say you cannot afford the full rate and must cancel unless you can get a big discount. Usually you’ll get an offer to continue at half price or less. If you don’t get a good discount offer, tell SiriusXM to go ahead and cancel.

How much is SiriusXM 6months?

Get SiriusXM for as little as $29.94 for 6 months.

Is XM free right now?

Sirius XM Is Completely Free Right Now.

Does SiriusXM offer lifetime subscription?

A lifetime subscription is a package provided by Sirius XM, which costs up to $400. According to the company, this plan allows users to get access to their services during the entire lifetime of the initially installed device.

What kind of deals does Sirius radio have?

offer details for Music & Entertainment package: Activate a Music & Entertainment subscription and pay $1 for your first 3 months, a savings of 98% off the current monthly rate of $17.99/month, plus get free activation (an additional $15 savings). A credit card is required on this offer. Fees and taxes apply.

Does Sirius offer a lifetime subscription?

who purchased a paid subscription from Sirius XM (or one of its predecessors) that was marketed as a “lifetime plan” or “lifetime subscription” will receive a “lifetime subscription” that can actually last for their lifetime.

Is Sirius 2022 free?

Get a 3-month SiriusXM subscription for free Offer is available until 05/31/2022. Listen to SiriusXM’s free 3-month trial and stream your favorite channels anywhere, anytime. A coupon code is not required.