What is the difference between von Duprin 9947 and 9948?

What is the difference between von Duprin 9947 and 9948?

There are two main differences: The bottom latches are different. The Von Duprin 98/9947 concealed vertical rod device covers up to 1/4″ undercut. The Von Duprin 98/9948 concealed vertical rod device covers up to 3/4″ undercut.

How does a RIM exit device work?

The strike for a rim exit device is installed to the soffit of the strike jamb on the door frame. Most other latching hardware has a strike that is cut into the rabbet of the strike jamb. The latch will engage the strike as the door comes closed. No manual operation is required to ensure the door latches.

How does a concealed vertical rod work?

Concealed Vertical Rods When the door closes, the latching assemblies extend into the header and threshold, locking the door at two points. This panic hardware is designed for use on single and double doors and is suitable for low, medium or high traffic areas on both aluminum and hollow metal applications.

What is a rim type exit device?

Rim exit devices are a type of panic device that is used on out-swinging doors. This exit device hardware can have trim or levers on the other side of the door. They can be labeled as fire rated or just labeled as panic hardware. Rim exit devices can be used on single doors as well as double doors.

What is the difference between von Duprin 98 and 99?

Von Duprin 98/99 series exit devices are the most popular door hardware where panic devices are required. 98 series exit devices have a smooth body case and the 99 series have a grooved body case. These exit devices are UL listed for panic hardware or fire hardware and will last for decades when installed properly.

How do I order von Duprin exit device?

To order Von Duprin exit devices, reference the “How to order” section in the Von Duprin catalogs. All Von Duprin device series Catalogs are available on website. Choose “Catalog” for Document Type dropdown men. Then select the remaining filters for Brand and Product type to see a list of catalogs available.