What is the formula for critical depth?

What is the formula for critical depth?

The governing equation for critical depth computation is [1](1) Q 2 g = A 3 B , where is the discharge given to compute the corresponding critical depth, is the gravitational acceleration, is the cross section area, and is the top width at the water surface.

What is normal depth and critical depth in open channel flow?

Normal depth is the depth of flow that would occur if the flow was uniform and steady, and is usually predicted using the Manning’s Equation. Critical depth is defined as the depth of flow where energy is at a minimum for a particular discharge.

What is critical depth in an open channel?

Critical depth is also the depth of maximum discharge, when the specific energy is held constant. Froude Number: The Froude number is an important dimensionless parameter in open-channel flow. It represents the ratio of inertia forces to gravity forces.

How do you find the critical velocity of an open channel flow?

The critical flow velocity equals V c = g d c in a rectangular channel. 2. For a constant specific energy E, equation (2.11) is a cubic equation in terms of the water depth d.

What is critical velocity in open channel flow?

Critical velocity in water flow is any faster than the maximum wave speed, so it is analogous to supersonic velocity in a gas. A Froude number (Fr) of greater than 1 is associated with supercritical flow.

What is critical velocity in open channel?

Is there a solution to critical depth in a trapezoidal channel?

This paper proposes an explicit solution to critical depth in a trapezoidal channel by introducing data from iteration solution and then applying multiple nonlinear regressions (MNLR) and artificial neural network (ANN) techniques to derive the best estimate.

What are the units in trapezoidal open channel calculation?

Units in trapezoidal open channel calculation: cm=centimeter, cfs=cubic foot per second, ft=foot, gal=gallon (U.S.), hr=hour, km=kilometer, m=meter, min=minute, s=second, yr=year Links on this page: Introduction Variables Manning n coefficients Error Messages References

What is the critical depth of an open channel?

For the analysis and design of open channels, it is necessary to know the critical depth. The depth at which the specific energy was minimum for a given discharge is as the critical depth and the corresponding flow is as the critical flow. In channels the discharge and flow depth have a unique relationship when the flow is critical.

Can multiple nonlinear regression predict critical depth in trapezoidal channels?

The paper applies multiple nonlinear regression (MNLR) and artificial neural network (ANN) techniques to predict the critical depth in trapezoidal channels. The data were obtained from Eq.