What is the full name of cable?

What is the full name of cable?

Cable (character)

Alter ego Nathan Christopher Charles Summers
Species Human mutant
Team affiliations X-Men X-Force Askani Six Pack The Twelve New Mutants Avengers Unity Division The Underground
Partnerships Domino Rachel Summers Deadpool Hope Summers

What is the abbreviation of cable?

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What does CL3P mean?

Substitution Table:

Cable Rating Lower ratings (cable rating in column 1 may be used to substitute for any of these):
CL3P (Class 3, Plenum) CL2P, CL3R, CL2R, CL3, CL2, CL2X, CL3X
CL2P (Class 2, Plenum) CL2R, CL2, CL2X
CMR (Communications, Riser) CL3R, CL2R, CATVR, CM, CMG, CL3, CL2, CATV, CMX, CL2X, CL3X, CATVX

What does cable mean in science?

a conductor for transmitting electrical or optical signals or electric power. synonyms: line, transmission line. types: show 6 types… hide 6 types… coax, coax cable, coaxial cable.

What is this cable?

An Android cable is called a Micro-USB cable.

What is a cable in computer?

A cable, also known as a cord, plug, or connector transmits power or data between devices or positions, which is covered in plastic by one or more wires. A power cable and data cable are the primary types of computer cables. The cable that creates communication between devices is known as a data cable.

What is a cable in engineering?

Cables are flexible structures that support the applied transverse loads by the tensile resistance developed in its members. Cables are used in suspension bridges, tension leg offshore platforms, transmission lines, and several other engineering applications.

What is OD in cable?

OD: The abbreviation for the “outside diameter” dimension that is used to measure the diameter of a cable. In general, as the wire gauge increases, so does the cable OD. The thickness and the material that makes up the cable jacket can also affect the overall cable OD.

What is CLP cable?

The CLP electricity supply system consists of extensive networks of U/G cables and O/H lines operating at 400kV, 132kV, 33kV, 11kV and 380/220V. Since CLP¡¦s major power stations are located far away from the load centres, O/H lines are widely used to carry the bulk of electricity to consumers.

What is a 3 core cable?

3 core cable typically comprises of three individually insulated solid cores for a neutral, live and earth conductor. These are covered by an outer protective PVC sheath or sleeve which can vary in colour.