What is the meaning of Level 42 video something about you?

What is the meaning of Level 42 video something about you?

The band took its name from the Douglas Adams book The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, in which “42” is the answer to a question about the meaning of life. The actress Cheri Lunghi (Excalibur, The Mission) played the love interest in the music video.

Who sings something about you Hayden James?

Hayden JamesSomething About You / ArtistHayden James is an Australian DJ, songwriter and record producer from Sydney. He is signed to the Future Classic label. Wikipedia

Who was in the Level 42 video something about you?

Mark King appears as a dark clown magician, representing the negative aspects in the relationships of Mike Lindup, Phil and Boon Gould with their girlfriends, all played by actress Cherie Lunghi.

What is the meaning of something about you?

Yes, this is a common expression. “Тhere is something about you” means that the person has some quality or property (perceived by the speaker) that may be good or bad or neither. It is not a rumor, is is some quality of the person himself/herself. Examples: “Тhere is something about you that makes me love you.”

Why did the Gould brothers leave Level 42?

In 1987, the Gould brothers left Level 42, Phil citing nervous exhaustion and being unhappy with their new pop sound. Gould became a respected session musician.

Who died in Level 42?

Guitarist Rowland “Boon” Gould
A founding member of the pop band Level 42 who quit the music industry because of mental health issues and moved to Devon took his own life, a coroner has concluded. Guitarist Rowland “Boon” Gould, 64, was found dead at a friend’s home in Uffculme, Devon, on 30 April this year.

Can’t put my finger on it meaning?

understand something
to know or understand something, and be able to say exactly what it is: Something seemed to be wrong, but I couldn’t put my finger on it.

Who died from Level 42?

Who is the bass player for Level 42?

Mark KingLevel 42 / Bassist