What is the message of The Feather Pillow?

What is the message of The Feather Pillow?

“The Feather Pillow” by Horacio Quiroga illustrates the balance between life and death by suggesting that one cannot exist in the presence of the other. Quiroga presents this theme through the wedded Alicia, whose spiritual and mental curiosity is gradually destroyed as a result of her marriage.

What is the creature in The Feather Pillow?

The title ‘The Feather Pillow’ refers to the pillow that the main character Alicia was sleeping on. After her death, that was suspected influenza, the servant and husband discover that hidden within the feathers was a parasite. This parasite was in fact the reason that Alicia died as it sucked on her blood every night.

What is the story feather pillow about?

In five days, in five nights, the monster had drained Alicia’s life away. These parasites of feathered creatures, diminutive in their hatitual environment, reach enormous proportions under certain conditions. Human blood seems particularly favourable to them, and it is not rare to encounter them in feather pillows.

What does Alicia symbolize in The Feather Pillow?

Symbolism. The creature in the pillow that kills Alicia symbolizes the way that Jordan’s passivity and her marriage with him kills her as a person. Both the creature and her relationship drain her of her vigor.

Was there foreshadowing in The Feather Pillow?

Foreshadowing- When the author says” Alicia passed the autumn in this strange love nest” it gives you a clue something strange was going on maybe it was the parasites.

What does the carpet symbolize in The Feather Pillow?

Figurative Language. Personification: “The carpet swallowed his steps” this was used to give emphasis on how worried Jordan was for Alicia .

What causes Alicia’s death?

How does the vampiric nature of the parasite compare to Alicia and Jordan’s relationship? Both had a vampiric/parasitic relationship with one another. The creature fed off Alicia’s blood, causing her to die. Jordan’s distance and lack of affection also sucked the life from her emotionally.

What do you infer the relationship between Alicia and her husband is like in The Feather Pillow?

What is Jordan and Alicia’s relationship like at the beginning of the story? Alicia loves him desperately and shows her affection. Jordan loves her, but doesn’t show it.

What is the climax of the story The Feather Pillow?

Climax~Jordan called the doctor, who didn’t know what was wrong with her. As Alicia got worse she started to see things. Jordan had no clue what to do so he just paced back and forth by her bed. Falling Action~Several days later Alicia passed away.

What is the cause of Alicia’s death?

What do you infer the relationship between Alicia and her husband is like in the feather pillow?

What happened to Alicia in The Feather Pillow?

Alicia’s life was fading away in the subdelirium of anaemia, a delirium which grew worse through the evening hours but which let up somewhat after dawn. The illness never worsened during the daytime, but each morning she awakened pale as death, almost in a swoon.

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