What is the nightclub in Trainspotting?

What is the nightclub in Trainspotting?

Volcano nightclub has a special place in the heart of Glaswegians since it appeared in 1996 hit film Trainspotting. Although the club is long gone from Benalder Street, buzz about Trainspotting 2 has got everyone talking about Volcano again.

Where was Trainspotting filmed in Glasgow?

Studio filming took place in the disused Wills Tobacco cigarette factory, on Alexandra Parade. 30 of the film’s 50 locations were filmed in Dennistoun. The building has since been redeveloped as CityPark.

What pub is in Trainspotting 2?

SICK Boy’s pub in Trainspotting has been bombarded by selfie hunters – who pull up outside in taxis for a snap then drive off. The Douglas Hotel in Clydebank has become a hit after it was transformed into Jonny Lee Miller’s character’s fictional Port Sunshine bar in the smash sequel.

Where was Trainspotting filmed in Scotland?

Forget old monuments and castles, Edinburgh is renowned for its part in the iconic adaptation of Irvine Welsh’s novel-turned-cult-film, Trainspotting. Shot amidst the winding streets of Scotland’s capital as well as in its second city, Glasgow, the film highlights some of Edinburgh’s best sights.

Where in Edinburgh is Trainspotting set?

1. Holyrood Park – Queen’s Drive. Head east of the castle and visit the park where Mark and Spud took a jog. Smack bang in the city centre, this 650 acre hilly area is a slice of the Highlands and is home to Edinburgh’s highest point.

Is Trainspotting set in Edinburgh?

Although set in Edinburgh, almost all of the film was shot in Glasgow, apart from the opening scenes which were shot in Edinburgh, and the final scenes which were shot in London.

Where was the club scene in Trainspotting filmed?

It was Crosslands, now gussied up to become the Kelbourne Saint, 182 Queen Margaret Drive. The nightclub where Renton meets ballsy schoolgirl Diane (Kelly MacDonald) was Volcano, 15 Benalder Street, close to Kelvinhall Station. You won’t be so lucky. The nightclub has since been demolished.

Where is the bridge in Trainspotting?

Regent Bridge Featured in one of the most iconic scenes in the original film and then popping up again in a reflection scene with Spud in T2 Trainspotting, the back street under Regent bridge is an unmissable stop on the tour.

Where are the flats in Trainspotting?

Cables Wynd House, better known as the Leith Banana Flats or the Banana Block because of its curved shape, is a nine-storey local authority housing block in Leith, Edinburgh. The building, in fact, has ten storeys. The ground floor is called Cables Wynd and the nine floors above constitute Cables Wynd House.

Where is the port Sunshine pub in T2?

The exterior of the Port Sunshine in T2 is actually a pub in Glasgow, but the name is a nod to another nearby Leith drinking institution, the Port O’Leith, which recently closed down, breaking many a local’s heart.