What is the path of tropical cyclone Nivar?

What is the path of tropical cyclone Nivar?

Tamil Nadu
Andhra PradeshSri Lanka
Cyclone Nivar/Affected areas

Has the cyclone hit Tamil Nadu?

Cyclone Nivar tears down power lines, trees in Tamil Nadu; no casualties. Cyclone Nivar made landfall near the city of Puducherry in the southern state of Tamil Nadu with winds of up to 130 km per hour.

Is Chennai affected by a cyclone?

Chennai rains: The overcast skies and cool winds brought much relief from the scorching heat. Cyclone Asani, which formed in the Bay of Bengal, brought rainfall to parts of Tamil Nadu, including Chennai, on Tuesday.

What is the name of the cyclone in Tamil Nadu 2021?

Cyclone Nivar

Very severe cyclonic storm (IMD scale)
Lowest pressure 980 hPa (mbar); 28.94 inHg
Fatalities 14 total
Damage $600 million (2020 USD)
Areas affected Sri Lanka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Puducherry

Which country named the cyclone Nivar?

Nivar is the third name to be used from the new list of names for North Indian Ocean Cyclones, released in 2020. It was suggested by Iran.

Was the recent cyclone that hit the city of Chennai?

Weakening into a Severe Cyclonic Storm, Vardah made landfall close to Chennai on the following day, and degenerated into remnant low on 13 December….Cyclones Vardah and ARB 02.

Very severe cyclonic storm (IMD scale)
Dissipated December 13, 2016 (Vardah) December 19, 2016 (ARB 02)
(Remnant low after December 18)

What is the cyclone name in Chennai 2021?

Cyclone Nilam expected to make landfall this evening between Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. Cyclone ‘Nilam’ is expected to make a landfall this evening between Cuddalore and Nellore, bringing in heavy rains in the region.

When the cyclone hits in Chennai?

CHENNAI: Very severe cyclonic storm Nivar crossed Tamil Nadu and Puducherry coasts between 11.30pm of November 25 and 2.30am of November 26 at an estimated wind speed of 120-130kmph bringing gusty winds and heavy rain across the northern coastal and interior Tamil Nadu.

In which state cyclone will come?

1. Cyclone Jawad. After three cyclonic storms in 2021, another cyclone is expected to hit the Indian states of Odisha and Andhra Pradesh. The Met Department has issued a warning that the deep depression over the Bay of Bengal is likely to intensify into a cyclonic storm during the next 12 hours.

Which district is the most cyclone prone in Tamil Nadu?

The study concludes that based on the historical analysis of cyclone tracks Kanchipuram, Cuddalore, Villupuram and Nagapattinam districts of Tamil Nadu state are identified as the most cyclone prone districts along the coast of Tamil Nadu state. The most cyclone prone blocks are located in these districts.

How is the situation in Tamil Nadu and Puducherry post cyclone?

Torrential rains accompanied by gusty winds lashed several parts of Tamil Nadu and Puducherry as the cyclone made landfall. Authorities in Tamil Nadu and Puducherry have taken a slew of measures to handle the situation arising out of the cyclonic storm, which has led to heavy rainfall in several regions.

What is’Tamil Nadu cyclone’?

Tamil Nadu Cyclone. ‘Tamil Nadu Cyclone’ – 43 News Result(s) A low pressure system south of Bay of Bengal is likely to turn into a cyclonic storm, Indian Meteorological Department said. The system is likely to develop in the southeast of Sri Lanka and it may transform into a depression in the next 36 hours.

Is Tamil Nadu ready for cyclone Nivar?

The governments of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Puducherry prepared to face the impact of the weather system, as rains were forecast in the respective states and Union Territory between November 24 and 26. Mamallapuram: Fishermen shift their boats for safety following Cyclone Nivar alert, in Mamallapuram, Monday, Nov. 23, 2020.