What is the story A Warning to the Curious about?

What is the story A Warning to the Curious about?

The story concerns a young antiquary and archaeologist named Paxton. While on vacation on the south-east coast of England, Paxton hears the legend of the three holy crowns. According to the legend, England was kept safe from being invaded when three crowns were buried long ago at sites near the coast.

When did A Warning to the Curious take place?

Upon digging up the crown, Paxton is stalked by its supernatural guardian. Written a few years after the end of the First World War, “A Warning to the Curious” ranks as one of M. R. James’s bleakest stories….

A Warning to the Curious
Publication date 1925

Where was A Warning to the Curious filmed?

The marshes of Aldeburgh in Suffolk are much more luscious, made eerie only by the mist on a separate visit there to film the super-8 footage for the three-minute film I made inspired by A Warning to the Curious, embedded at the bottom of this article.

Where is Seaburgh?

A Visit to Seaburgh. In his introduction to the Collected Ghost Stories, M.R. James explains that Seaburgh, the setting of “A Warning to the Curious”, is Aldeburgh in Suffolk.

Who is the narrator in A Warning to the Curious?

The first narrator, possibly representing James himself, tells us only that he knows the area in which the story takes place before leading into the testimony of a man who was told some of the story by the unfortunate Paxton.

Where did M.R. James grow up?

Early life. James was born in a clergy house in Goodnestone, Dover, Kent, England, although his parents had associations with Aldeburgh in Suffolk.

Where is M.R. James buried?

Canon James was an expert in manuscripts and apocryphal writings, many of which he edited for publication, including his famous edition of the Biblical Apocrypha….Montague Rhodes James.

Birth 1 Aug 1862 Goodnestone, Dover District, Kent, England
Burial Eton Parish Cemetery Eton, Windsor and Maidenhead Royal Borough, Berkshire, England

Where did M.R. James live?

Montague Rhodes James was born in Kent, England in 1862, the son of a clergyman, though from the age of three he was raised in Suffolk. The family lived at the Rectory in Great Livermere, Suffolk, which, a century and a half earlier, been the childhood home of the Suffolk antiquary Thomas Martin (c.

Did Mr James marry?

James’s interest in all things antiquarian – and medieval – fed into his ghost stories, which he would read to his fellow dons on Christmas Eve (his audience was exclusively male, much like M. R. James’s life: he never married and was probably a lifelong celibate).

Are Henry James and MR James related?

James’ publisher, Edward Arnold, thought that American-British writer Henry James, author of the classic ghost story “The Turn of the Screw”, was Monty’s brother. The two writers did in fact meet when MRJ visited Rye in Sussex in August 1903.

Where did Mr James live?

What is a ghost story for Christmas?

A Ghost Story for Christmas is a strand of annual British short television films originally broadcast on BBC One between 1971 and 1978, and revived in 2005 on BBC Four.

Where is’a warning to the curious’filmed?

The adaptation was filmed around the north Norfolk coastline at Waxham, Happisburgh and Wells-next-the-Sea. The Suffolk setting of Seaburgh for “A Warning to the Curious” is a thinly veiled disguise for the seaside town of Aldeburgh, the home of M. R. James’s maternal grandmother, whom he visited frequently until her death in 1870.

Who narrates the original Ghost Stories?

The following year, an expanded boxset featuring Robert Powell and Michael Bryant narrating M. R. James in the series Classic Ghost Stories (1986) and Spine Chillers (1980) respectively.

Is there really a crown guarded by a ghost in England?

This is a very slight but creepy tale of an archaeologist who goes to a remote English village looking for a crown, supposedly guarded over by a ghost.