What is the story behind lock shock and barrel?

What is the story behind lock shock and barrel?

Lock, Shock, and Barrel originally appeared in the 1993 movie The Nightmare Before Christmas. In the movie, Jack wants to take over Christmas, so he orders Lock, Shock, and Barrel to kidnap Santa Claus. When the trio manages to do that, they bring Santa to Jack.

What did lock stock and barrel mean?

The entirety; all of something
lock, stock, and barrel. The entirety; all of something. For example, Jean moved out of the house, lock, stock, and barrel. This expression alludes to the three elements of a firearm—the lock or firing mechanism, the stock or handle, and the barrel or tube. [ Early 1800s]

Are Lock Shock and Barrel related?

Lock, Shock, and Barrel are Oogie Boogie’s costumed henchmen. They are a trio of children in Halloween garbs of a devil, witch, and skeleton, respectively. They are known as Halloween’s best trick or treaters, despite occasionally working for Oogie Boogie as his minions.

How do you use lock stock and barrel?

COMMON You use lock, stock, and barrel to talk about every part of something. It would have been much easier for us to have shut the business down lock, stock and barrel. He has moved down from the north-east, lock, stock and barrel.

Where did the term Lock Stock & Barrel come from?

The earliest use of the phrase lock, stock and barrel to mean everything or the whole thing is in a letter written by Sir Walter Scott in 1817: “Like the High-landman’s gun, she wants stock, lock, and barrel, to put her into repair.”

How old is lock from Nightmare Before Christmas?

Lock, Shock, and Barrel are introduced as Oogie Boogie’s “little henchmen”, being 6, 7 and 5 years old respectively.

Where did the term Lock stock & barrel come from?

Is Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels a sequel?

The original film arrived in 2000 as a follow up to Ritchie’s smash hit, 1998’s Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. Despite the critical acclaim of LSTSB, Snatch surpassed its popularity, bringing in $83 million on a $10 million budget and paving the way for Ritchie’s future in Hollywood as a blockbuster filmmaker.

What mental disorder does Jack Skellington have?

The Nightmare Before Christmas then may be interpreted as a perceptual disturbance of someone (Jack) afflicted with narcolepsy.

What do Lock Lock Shock and barrel do?

Lock, Shock, and Barrel are entrusted with hiding each of the seven Holiday Doors in each area of the town where they wouldn’t be discovered. They also raise armies of ghosts and skeletons to counteract Jack’s inevitable attempt to fight upon his return.

What is the meaning of Lock Stock and barrel?

including everything; completely. Lock, stock, and barrel refers literally to the complete mechanism of a firearm. including everything; completely: They were all emigrating so they were selling everything they had, lock, stock and barrel. The lock, stock and barrel are the three main parts of a rifle.

Is Lock Shock and barrel in the Nightmare Before Christmas?

The only time their names are mentioned in the movie is the scene they say them to the mayor, arguing that Jack had sent for them by name. Emoticon versions of Lock, Shock, and Barrel appear in The Nightmare Before Christmas episode of As Told by Emoji .

Why did Lock Shock and barrel steal Jack’s heart?

In the original Kingdom Hearts, Lock, Shock, and Barrel learn that Jack and Dr. Finklestein were working together to create a heart. Knowing Oogie has a goal to control a hoard of creatures known as the Heartless, the trio informs Oogie of Jack’s latest endeavor, and are immediately sent to steal it.