What is the trigger pull on a Ruger SP101?

What is the trigger pull on a Ruger SP101?

What I Need

Model 637 Wyatt Deep Cover Ruger SP101
Grips Polymer Clip Grip Polymer Grip
Frame Aluminum Alloy Stainless Steel
Cylinder Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
Trigger Pull 9.5 pounds DA/2.1 pounds SA

Is the SP101 a good carry gun?

Key Point: The SP101 has a niche—not the best service weapon or concealed carry choice, but good for home defense, camping, and hunting. In 1988 Sturm Ruger firearms introduced what would become one of their most popular revolvers of all time: the SP101 compact revolver.

What frame is SP101?

The SP101 is a small frame and all-steel-construction carry revolver, with a five-shot (. 38 Special, . 357 Magnum, and 9×19mm Parabellum), six-shot (….Ruger SP101.

Cartridge .22 LR .38 Special .357 Magnum .327 Federal Magnum 9×19mm .32 H&R Magnum (discontinued)
Action Double-action revolver

What kind of trigger spring does a Ruger SP-101 have?

Ruger SP-101 – all calibers and models. Trigger Return Springs – Reduced Power – The reduced power trigger return spring (trigger guard latch spring) for the SP-101 series revolvers is available in 8 pounds only. The factory spring is rated at 10 pounds.

Will a GP100 trigger job work with a SP101 trigger?

Ruger SP101 / GP100 Trigger Spring Kit is the Ultimate Ruger SP101 Trigger Job in one easy package! Ruger GP100 Trigger Job compatible as well! Ruger SP101 Accessories should include a Custom Trigger Job near the top of your list! Will also work for your Ruger GP 100 Accessories for a crisp trigger pull!

Is the SP101 a gamechanger?

The SP101 kit is a gamechanger! Factory rig was quite lackluster, gritty and a pig of a double action pull. Single action had same grit. Both something we tolerated for 10 years of owning. Your video is SOLID Bro!