What monster did Octavia saw?

What monster did Octavia saw?

Octavia Blake said he was a monster, but Lincoln thought Octavia hallucinated the man. As of Praimfaya, the fate of all Frikdreina is still unknown, due to the Second Nuclear Apocalypse.

What is Pauna in the 100?

Lexa says that it’s a “Pauna” (a giant mutant gorilla) before she slices Quint’s leg, telling Clarke to run. The Pauna attacks Quint while Clarke, Lexa, and her guard look for a place to hide.

Who kills Jaha?

In the very first episode of the show, Jaha narrowly avoided death after he was shot by Bellamy Blake in an assassination attempt orchestrated by his political rival Diana Sydney. In the second season of The 100, Jaha cheated death again when he survived crash-landing on Earth in the remnants of the Ark.

Who tried poison Lexa?

Clarke realizes the poison wasn’t in the bottle; it was in the cup. She runs outside and asks Nyko for the bottle and drinks from it, showing it wasn’t poisoned. Bellamy realizes that it was Gustus who poisoned the cup because he was trying to protect Lexa from the alliance.

What is the yellow smoke in the 100?

The Acid Fog officially known as The Veil is a virulent weapon utilized by the Mountain Men. When deployed the toxic fog spread through an area paralyzing, burning and killing those caught within.

Why is everyone hallucinating in the 100?

While Clarke and Bellamy are away the 100 accidentally eat Jobi Nuts, which have powerful hallucinogenic properties causing members of the 100 to experience hallucinations and lose their grasp on reality.

What is the yellow smoke in The 100?

Why is everyone hallucinating in The 100?

Is the baby real in season 2 of the 100?

Only when he made it to the rocket that would take him to the ground, the baby disappeared, and a mirage of Jaha’s dead son Wells (Eli Goree) revealed that it had all been an illusion.

What crime did Wells commit the 100?

Wells was the son of Chancellor Thelonious Jaha and Clarke Griffin’s childhood best friend. He got himself arrested when he found out his father was sending the 100 to the ground, including Clarke for whom he harbored feelings. Given some of the laws his father had enforced, he was not popular among the 100.

Does Lexa come back to life?

Obviously, “Lexa” coming back for these final moments in no ways erases her unnecessary death and everything that came with it, but it was great to see a version of the character one last time.