What products have malathion in them?

What products have malathion in them?

Malathion is the active ingredient in mosquitocontrol products including Fyfanon and Atrapa. These products contain over 95% malathion and are often applied undiluted.

What is the formulation of malathion?

Malathion is formulated as a dust, wettable powder, emulsifiable concentrate (active ingre- dient, up to 82%), ready-to-use liquid (active ingredient, up to 97%), or pressurized liquid.

Is malathion a pyrethroid?

Malathion is a man-made chemical, while pyrethrum is a plant extract. Both affect the nervous system of insects, which results in paralysis and eventually death.

Does malathion contain paraquat?

Malathion and paraquat were products of Imperial Chemicals, Inc., U.K. The diazinon and malathion products contained 60 and 81% of active ingredients, respectively. The paraquat herbicide (brand name: Gramoxone), in the form of dichloride, was at a level of 200 g paraquat ion.

What ingredients are in malathion?

Malathion is produced by the addition of dimethyl dithiophosphoric acid to diethyl maleate or diethyl fumarate.

How is malathion metabolized?

Metabolism of malathion leads to the formation of malathion monocarboxylic acid, malathion dicarboxylic acid, dialkyl phosphate metabolites, and other metabolites. Malathion is rapidly eliminated from the body within 12-24 hours (Bouchard et al., 2003).

Does malathion break down?

Malathion stays in the environment from a few days to several months, but is usually broken down within a few weeks. It is broken down to other chemical compounds by water, sunlight, and bacteria found in soil and water.

Which is better permethrin or malathion?

In the present era of permethrin and lindane resistance to head lice, malathion is a first-line option. For scabies, it is a reasonable alternative to permethrin 5% cream, especially when treatment of the scalp or hairy areas is desired.

What are the effects of storage of malathion products?

Storage of malathion products for a long period of time may allow the accumulation of degradation products that inhibit the liver enzymes responsible for malathion detoxification. 9 Heating malathion may also lead to the formation of isomalathion, which is a potent AChE inhibitor. 5 See the section on Metabolism for more information.

What is Malathion used for?

Malathion is a wide spectrum aliphatic organophosphate insecticide widely used for both domestic and commercial agricultural purposes. Malathion is a synthetic phosphorous compound and cholinesterase inhibitor that is strictly used as a topical pediculicide.

How does malathion work to kill lice?

Malathion exerts its action on the nervous system of the lice by irreversibly inhibiting the activity of cholinesterase, thereby allowing acetylcholine to accumulate at cholinergic synapses and enhancing cholinergic receptor stimulation. This eventually leads to the head lice’s death.

What is the LD50 of malathion in mice?

Researchers exposed mice to aerosolized technical grade malathion and determined that the LD 50 for the rats and mice combined was 6.9 mg/L for inhalation exposure. 18