What rides are in Funderland?

What rides are in Funderland?

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  • Flying Dragon.
  • Squirrelly Whirl.
  • Classic Carousel.
  • Funderland Express Train.
  • Crazy TeaCups.
  • Red Baron Planes.
  • Wild Stagecoach.
  • Backroads Buggies.

How many rides are there in Funderland?

Our venues feature Rollercoasters and as many as fifteen different thrilling attractions carefully selected from among the top attractions in Europe.

What age is Funderland for?

Everyone, of all ages, pays one low price at the Main Gate that gives them both entry to Funderland AND unlimited rides for the entire day of their visit!

Is Funderland coming back?

It has been said that Funderland is an annual appointment for thousands of families. This year, 2021, we open on St. Stephen’s Day until Sunday, 9th of January. Providing attractions that are sure to appease even the most seasoned thrill seekers who dare to be suspended upside down or whisked through the air.

Is Funderland Cancelled 2021?

A Dublin Christmas tradition will unfortunately be lost this year due to COVID-19 as Funderland in the RDS will not go ahead. All four Funderland events in Dublin, Cork, Limerick, and Belfast will be binned due to the virus.

How much is a Funderland wristband?

POP wristbands which are based on height and are as follows: *Anyone over 1.2m is €25 for 3 hours, same as last years price or if you book online its €22.50 for 4 hours. *Anyone under 1.2m is €18.50 for 3 hours, cheaper then last years price or if you book online its €16.65 for 4 hours.

How much is a ride in Funderland?

A. An Admission charge of €2 will apply to all patrons entering Funderland. An admission ticket for a Family (2 Adults & 2 Children or 1 Adult and 3 Children) will cost €5. We do not charge admission for children under 3 years of age.

Does Funderland have food?

Note that we do offer our FunderTreats Concession Stand, featuring a delicious selection of tasty, freshly-prepared food, snacks, amusement park treats, and drinks, every day we’re open!

Is Funderland Open in 2022?

A. Funderland opens daily until 24th April 2022. We will be open from 12noon to 10pm daily with the single exception of Mon 11th April.

Is Funderland gone?

Travelling amusement park Funderland has announced that it will make its return to Cork next month after a two-and-a-half year absence. Long a staple of a many’s a childhood across Ireland, Funderland will be stopping at Cork first as it makes its return.

Is Funderland Open 2022?

Do you have to pay for each ride in Funderland?

You can Pay-As-You-Go, having paid the admission price you simply pay for the individual attraction(s) of your choice.