What two things does Pound compare in this poem?

What two things does Pound compare in this poem?

What 2 thing does Pound compare in “In a Station of the Metro”? People’s faces and petals on a wet branch to each other (saying that petals stand out on tree branch just like faces in the metro stand out to him).

What is Ezra Pound’s poetry mainly about?

A work he self-described as his “poem including history,” “The Cantos” revealed Pound’s interest in economics and in the world’s changing financial landscape in the wake of World War I.

What is the theme of a pact by Ezra Pound?

In ‘A Pact,’ Ezra Pound expresses his own parental pains in growing up – not as a person, but as an artist. Just as some of us might reconcile with our parents after years of harboring hurt feelings, Pound opens his poem by calling a truce between himself and Walt Whitman, claiming he’s ‘detested (him) long enough.

What is an Imagist poem?

Imagist poetry is defined by directness, economy of language, avoidance of generalities, and a hierarchy of precise phrasing over adherence to poetic meter. The concept of Imagist poetry as it is known today largely spans from two Imagist anthologies compiled by Richard Aldington and Ezra Pound.

What is Ezra Pound style of writing?

Ezra Pound wrote primarily in the Imagist style, a method of poetry that stressed sparseness, precision, and clarity, as opposed to the flowery…

What is a pact about?

A pact is a treaty or other agreement between parties, and it’s usually written. Countries can have pacts or you can make a pact with your friends, promising each other that you’ll all show up for the spelling bee. A pact is a formal agreement.

What is the poem the sea of glass all about?

Pound’s ‘The Sea of Glass’ is an image-rich poem that depicts lovers meeting amid rainbows in the sea. Throughout the short lines of ‘The Sea of Glass,’ the poet uses symbols like the sea, rainbows, gold, and the sky, to create a narrative that’s likely about love, lost love, and the afterlife.