What version of Minecraft is TerraFirmaCraft?

What version of Minecraft is TerraFirmaCraft?

The one and only original TerraFirmaCraft, originally for 1.7. 10, now updated to 1.12 and hopefully beyond.

What mods are compatible with TerraFirmaCraft?

Client Mods

Mod Name Link Status
Minetweaker3 Link Addon Available
Optifine Link Partially Compatible
Smart Moving Link Partially Compatible
BiblioCraft Link Partially Compatible

How do I set up a TerraFirmaPunk server?

  1. Step 1 – TFC v79. Download Forge (version 10.13.
  2. Create an empty folder for your server, eg. “C:\MyServer”.
  3. In your server folder, create a new folder called “mods”.
  4. Create a new file in your server directory with the name “server.
  5. Once this is done, the server should start up, but might shut down again.

How do you get TerraFirmaCraft?

Run once to create necessary files.

  1. Video Tutorials. Windows.
  2. Download and Install Minecraft Forge. Version:
  3. Download and Install TerraFirmaCraft. Version:
  4. Downloads. Forge Installer.
  5. Create Installation Folder.
  6. Create Mods Folder.
  7. TerraFirmaCraft Install.
  8. Create Run File.

Is TerraFirmaCraft a Modpack?

Minecraft Versions Powered by TerraFirmacraft, this is a modpack that will reward your time and effort with a complex and compelling world.

Is there a Minecraft guide for terrafirmacraft?

This guide has been written with the expectations that the reader has a basic understanding of vanilla Minecraft mechanics. It will focus on aspects of the game that are different with TerraFirmaCraft, as well as a few tips and tricks for easier starting gameplay.

What is the tech-tree like in terrafirmacraft?

The tech-tree in TerraFirmaCraft is a complete overhaul of the vanilla progression system. There are no such thing as wooden tools in TerraFirmaCraft, with your first tools being made of stone.

What is the measurement of food in terrafirmacraft?

TerraFirmaCraft uses the imperial measurement of ounces. However, this measurement does not relate to any other measurement in the game, so if the concept of ounces confuses you, you are welcome to instead think of them as generic “food units” or “bites.” Each stack of food in TerraFirmaCraft can weigh up to 160 ounces.

How do I stack food items in terrafirmacraft?

Rather than the traditional stack system, food in TerraFirmaCraft is grouped together by weight. A single inventory slot can hold a stack of up to 160 ounces of food. Hovering over a single food item in your crafting inventory and pressing S will combine all of that specific food item into stacks of larger weight.