What was a famous song or album that used the Moog?

What was a famous song or album that used the Moog?

Hot Butter. Hot Butter serve as a shining example of the phrase, “the third time’s the charm”. Their international hit had already graced the airwaves twice, starting with the original version by Moog pioneer Gershon Kingsley.

What songs use the Moog synthesizer?

7 Classic Songs Made With Moog Synths

  • Gary Numan, “Are ‘Friends’ Electric?”
  • Kraftwerk, “Autobahn”
  • New Order, “Blue Monday”
  • Nine Inch Nails, “Head Like a Hole”
  • Donna Summer, “I Feel Love”
  • Parliament, “Flash Light”
  • Portishead, “SOS”

What was the first song to use synthesizer?

The earliest example I found was Vera Lynn’s “We’ll Meet Again”, released 1939. The track features the Novachord, an early polyphonic synth manufactured only for a few years by Hammond.

What songs use Moog synthesizer?

What Bass did Roger Waters use on Dark Side of the Moon?

Roger Waters Dark Side Gear Roger Waters used the same Fender Precision bass that the band had purchased after their gear was stolen in 1970. During the recording of The Dark Side of The Moon, the bass has been modified by replacing the standard rosewood neck with a Charvel maple neck and a set of Kluson tuners.

Is Moog German?

Borrowed from Alsatian Alemannic German Moog, from Middle German Maag, Mage.

What is a Moog Minimoog?

The Minimoog, Moog’s original portable analog bass and lead monster, has been responsible for some of the funkiest basslines, wacked-out effects, and unmistakable leads that have ever been recorded. Here we look at how to create five classic Minimoog sounds that really show off the uniqueness of the synthesizer.

What are some classic songs made with Moog synths?

7 Classic Songs Made With Moog Synths 1 Gary Numan, “Are ‘Friends’ Electric?” 2 Kraftwerk, “Autobahn” 3 New Order, “Blue Monday” 4 Nine Inch Nails, “Head Like a Hole” 5 Donna Summer, “I Feel Love” 6 Parliament, “Flash Light” 7 Portishead, “SOS”

What is Bob Moog’s contribution to music?

Since the 1960s, Bob Moog ’s revolutionary synthesizers have continued to transform popular music as we know it. Here are seven landmarks in popular music that wouldn’t sound how they sound without a bit of Moog technology. Learn more about Moog and his glorious invention in this episode of “The Ripple Effect” on Red Bull TV.

What are some of the funkiest Moog basslines?

Possibly one of the funkiest Moog basslines ever recorded by one of the funkiest players of all time is the bass on Parliament’s “Flash Light.” Bernie Worrell’s playing technique takes full advantage of the performative aspects of the Moog synthesizer and is a big part of the overall sound of the patch. Parliament – Funkentelechy Vs.