What was vault TECS goal?

What was vault TECS goal?

The primary focus of Vault-Tec was the development of a line of nuclear war defense installations and the technology necessary for their construction.

How do you make Timmy cry?

Make Timmy cry:

  1. By attacking him physically.
  2. By convincing him that his parents are divorcing each other because of him, which he will believe after a Speech check.
  3. By giving him the military school brochure to fool him into believing his parents are sending him away.
  4. By killing one (or both) of his parents.

What is the most messed up Vault in Fallout?

Fallout: The 12 Most Disturbing Vault-Tec Experiments

  1. 1 Vault 11. Of all the cruel experiments that Vault-Tec executed on unsuspecting victims, the one taking place at Vault 11 has to be the worst.
  2. 2 Vault 95.
  3. 3 Vault 81.
  4. 4 Vault 106.
  5. 5 Vault 34.
  6. 6 Vault 22.
  7. 7 Vault 75.
  8. 8 Vault 12.

Can I save Tranquility Lane?

You can’t. Their bodies are long dead, anyway, so returning them to them would just kill them.

How do you arrange a creative death for Mabel?

Well, this is a clever way to kill Mabel (though there are others, if you can figure them out). Speak with Mabel hereafter and ask her to make you one of her famous pies. She’ll agree and head into the kitchen to pre-heat the oven. When she does this, she’ll be met with an untimely death.

What was the worst Vault-Tec experiment?

In what is perhaps Vault-Tec’s most straightforwardly dishonest experiment, Vault 12 was designed with a purposefully faulty vault door that would not seal properly, allowing radiation to seep into it so that its impact on the human body could be studied.

How is the Vault 112 maintained?

Because all human inhabitants in Vault 112 are in tranquility loungers, the vault is maintained by a group of special caretaker robobrains. The robobrains are non-hostile (even if attacked), and also lack combat inhibitors. (When the Lone Wanderer enters the vault, a robobrain notes that their arrival is “202.3 years behind schedule”.)

When was Vault 112 built Fallout 3?

— Fallout 3 loading screen Vault 112 was one of the last vaults to be constructed. The construction started in November 2068, and finished in June 2074. It was designed to accommodate only 85 occupants, who would be suspended in a virtual reality world for the indefinite duration of the vault’s experiment.

Why can’t I see Vault 112 on the citadel map?

The map in the Citadel which shows all DC area vaults (and is based on Vault-Tec’s own records) doesn’t show Vault 112. Likewise, the vault listing in Vault-Tec’s own mainframe at the Vault-Tec Headquarters does not mark it on your map.

Where is Vault 112 in Evergreen Mills?

It is located underneath Smith Casey’s Garage, west of Evergreen Mills and south of the Charnel house . The entrance to Vault 112 is inside Smith Casey’s Garage, and is infested with mole rats and radroaches.