All students in schools, colleges, technical schools or universities have to write essays in one way or another. It is clear that the ability to do something by itself does not appear in humans, all have to learn sooner or later. Where and how to learn to write an essay will try to understand.

Who can teach essay writing

If you have a desire to start writing an essay, but you do not know how to do it, then these skills you will have to learn. Who will help you with this?

There are several ways to learn essay writing skills:

  1. The basics of these skills should be received in school. More detailed information on this process is provided already in colleges. If during the study at the basic and secondary educational institution you for some reasons did not learn the material for writing an essay, there is always the opportunity to do it in a higher educational institution, especially since there you will get the most detailed theoretical and practical basis.
  2. Private courses on the basics of journalism, including essay writing. You always have the opportunity to contact the people who organize such courses, and on a fee basis to master the skill of writing an essay.
  3. Independent collection of information on writing an essay. In this will help the work of other authors, literary articles and notes from magazines, which clearly spelt out the instructions for writing an essay.

How to learn to write an essay

The main criterion for a good essay writing is a person’s awareness of what he is doing. Learning how to write an essay is not easy, but, as you know, nothing is impossible.

In the process of learning to write an essay can be divided into several stages:

  1.  Concentrate, structure and organize them, formulate your opinion and individual attitude to the subject of research.

With full responsibility refer to the preparation of the plan:

  • take a sheet of paper and write down your ideas on it;
  • answer the question, what is interesting about the selected topic, what new it has helped you to learn;
  • if you think you will add new skills to your experience, write about it by all means.
  1. Be aware of the essence of the issue in order to fully disclose the topic. Pay attention to the use of keywords. Learn the basic words and terms that are used when writing an essay. For example: compare, contrast, define, discuss, illustrate, justify, summarize, trace.
  2. The opinion that the more books you read, the better you will be able to write an essay, is wrong. The main thing is not to read a large amount of literature, and to be able to correctly select information from it and subsequently organize it:
  • before you start to study literature, decide what you will be looking for, what you need to focus on;
  • as sources of information used not only printed publications. At your disposal can be records made by you during lectures, interesting stories and facts that you remember when talking to someone or television programs, sources on the Internet, for example, essay writing service ;
  • get a copybook or notebook and carry it everywhere with you to make notes at any time;
  • write down the names of the books you have read and their authors;
  • do not assign the work of other authors to yourself.
  1. Make a summary of the essay. This will help you to move in the chosen direction and not lose the thread:
  • make a detailed analysis of the plan again;
  • make sure that you have defined the parts of the essay to the end;
  • make a schedule of your essay work, it will take time, but will help you to do everything in an organized way.
  1. Write a few drafts of your essay, after a while read them all and choose the most successful in your opinion. When writing an essay do not use intricate and too long phrases. Successful can be considered an essay that can be read simply and easily.

Approach the question of the structure of the essay seriously, consider the following nuances:

  • the use of diagrams and its good location;
  • arrangement of paragraphs in a logical sequence;
  • the presence of subtitles;
  • using special words and phrases to move from one paragraph to another.

At the end of the essay, specify the list of sources used.

It will be great if you read the written essay aloud to anyone, they will be able to evaluate your work with a fresh look and give you useful tips for revision.

  1. When the essay has been written, analyze it and decide whether it meets all the criteria for the essay.