Where are brodix heads cast?

Where are brodix heads cast?

The stamping is usually located on the end of the casting above the accessory bolt area just below the valve cover rail. We have stamped some heads on the exhaust side of the head as well. The numbering system only identifies the casting model and the year the head was made.

Where is brodix made?

Company Description: Brodix, Inc. is located in Mena, AR, United States and is part of the Motor Vehicle Parts Manufacturing Industry.

How much does a BBC with aluminum heads weigh?

The all iron small block comes in at 520 pounds: with aluminium heads and a iron block – 480 pounds. The lightweight all aluminum motor is 389 pounds. The all iron big block is 754 pounds : with aluminum heads 660 pounds.

What’s better cast iron or aluminum cylinder heads?

Both types of heads can be damaged if the engine overheats. Cast iron is much more durable. However, aluminum heads are easier to fix. The metal is softer and easier to weld and machine.

Why choose brodix heads?

BRODIX leads the industry in small block Chevrolet compatible cylinder heads. Styles ranging from standard to raised port locations are offered with numerous valve angle choices from 23º to 10º depending on your application.

What are the specs of a race-rite head?

The valve bowls are blended, intake ports are matched, and a competition valve job comes standard. Both of the 24° Race-Rite heads have 2.300/1.800 valves, exhaust ports in standard location, and 119 cc chambers. The Race-Rite series is the answer for more horsepower and less hassle during installation. Cham.

What kind of port does race Rite use for heads?

The Race-Rite® rectangular or oval port is the answer for more horsepower, a hassle-free installation, and a great-looking engine compartment. Check Pushrod Clearance with Head Installed on the Engine Block Before Final Assembly. Cham.