Where did Venezuela located?

Where did Venezuela located?

South AmericaVenezuela / ContinentSouth America is a continent entirely in the Western Hemisphere and mostly in the Southern Hemisphere, with a relatively small portion in the Northern Hemisphere. It can also be described as the southern subregion of a single continent called America. Wikipedia

What is the geography of Venezuela?

Venezuela’s topography can be divided into three broad elevational divisions: the lowland plains, which rise from sea level to about 1,650 feet (500 metres), the mountains, which reach elevations of some 16,400 feet (5,000 metres), and the interior forested uplands, with scattered peaks above 6,550 feet (2,000 metres).

Where is Venezuela in world map?

Venezuela is located in northern South America. It is bordered by the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean to the north, Colombia to the west, Brazil to the south, and Guyana to the east.

What countries surround Venezuela?

About Venezuela Neighboring countries are Colombia in the west and southwest, Brazil in the south and Guyana in the east.

What countries border Venezuela?

Is Venezuela a Europe country?

Venezuela (/ˌvɛnəˈzweɪlə/; American Spanish: [beneˈswela] ( listen)), officially the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela (Spanish: República Bolivariana de Venezuela), is a country on the northern coast of South America, consisting of a continental landmass and many islands and islets in the Caribbean Sea.

Is Venezuela a continent?

Venezuela map also shows that it shares its international boundaries with Guyana in the east, Brazil in the south, and Colombia in the west and north-west….Location Map of Venezuela.

Country Venezuela
Continent South America
Where is Located Venezuela is a country located in the Northern South America

What kind of country is Venezuela?

Venezuela is a federal presidential republic consisting of 23 states, the Capital District and federal dependencies covering Venezuela’s offshore islands. Venezuela is among the most urbanized countries in Latin America; the vast majority of Venezuelans live in the cities of the north and in the capital.

What is the terrain and geography like in Venezuela? Venezuela is located on the northern coast of South America, between 0 degrees 5’ and 12 degrees 15 N, and 59 degrees 45’ and 73 degrees 09 W. It covers 352,150 square miles.

Which countries border Venezuela?

Venezuela shares maritime borders with Barbados, The Dominican Republic, Dominica, Saint Kitts & Nevis, Saint Lucia, Trinidad and Tobago and Puerto Rico. Venezuela Bordering Countries : Guyana, Brazil, Colombia. The above blank map represents Venezuela – a country located on the northern coast of South America.

Where are the coastal plains located in Venezuela?

The coastal plains extend from the Colombian border and the Gulf of Venezuela eastward to the foothills of the coastal mountains, which are broken in the east by the Unare River basin.

What is the only desert in Venezuela?

Within this region is the only desert in Venezuela—the sand dunes around the city of Coro. Along the course of the Orinoco River lie the Llanos, a relatively level region of savannas and tropical rainforests, where the land undulates only between low mesalike interfluves and shallow, meandering, braided river courses.