Where do I find SimConnect?

Where do I find SimConnect?

Ensure the SimConnect. ini file is placed in your %USERPROFILE%\Documents\Prepar3D v3 Files folder. A default version of this files can be found in the SDK\Utilities\SimConnectSDK directory. You do not usually have to make any changes to this file.

What is SimConnect?

SimConnect – An API to enable add-on components communicate with Flight Simulator. SimConnect was first introduced with Microsoft Flight Simulator X. Typically the components will perform one or more of the following: Add the processing for a new complex gauge, or other instrument, to Flight Simulator X.

Where is SimConnect CFG?

On the machine running FSX you need to create SimConnect. xml in the :\Documents and Settings\\Application Data\Microsoft\FSX directory. Set the same address and port in this file. This is the port that FSX will listen on for incoming connections from SimConnect apps.

What is SimConnect Msfs?

SimConnect is the API, the “application programming interface” of MSFS. The older sims had a similar API with the same name, and these APIs are somewhat compatible. An API is not something that you install, it is part of the software itself.

How do I update Microsoft Flight Simulator SDK?

To install the SDK use menu Help/SDK Installer. Here, it starts a Chrome browser session to download the latest version of the SDK. You have to install the file separately, it is an installation executable.

How do I configure the SimConnect functionality?

In order to use the SimConnect functionality, it is required to include the SimConnect.h header file. The dependencies can be either configured Using the Property Manager, or via Manual Configuration.

How do I make SimConnect work in multiplayer mode?

Always use the constant SIMCONNECT_OBJECT_ID_USER for the ObjectID parameter if the SimConnect client is to work in multiplayer mode. Also note that in this mode it is good practice to remove any calls associated with periodic data on AI objects and to remove subscriptions to AI objects.

Is it possible to download the SimConnect API?

It’s basically built into the software as it’s the official API for communication with external software. I don’t think you can download it. If I remember correctly there have been downloads for FSX as the sim got abandoned at some point and some people updated SimConnect on their own.

How do I add an external sim add-on to SimConnect?

The first thing an External Sim add-on needs to do is use the RegisterExternalSim / RegisterExternalSecondarySim function to let SimConnect know you want to provide External Sim services.