Where do the Weihnachtspyramide come from?

Where do the Weihnachtspyramide come from?

The German Christmas pyramid (Weihnachtspyramide) comes from the Erzgebirge (Ore Mountains) region in the German state of Saxony (Sachsen). First created as a low-cost substitute for a real Christmas tree in the late 1700s, these rotating wooden devices typically may have from one to five levels (Etagen).

What are the German Christmas windmills called?

Christmas pyramids (German: Weihnachtspyramide) are Christmas decorations that have their roots in the folklore and customs of the Ore Mountain region of Germany, but which have become popular internationally.

Where are Brubaker Christmas pyramid made?

German Christmas pyramids come from the Erzgebirge, or Ore Mountains, in the Eastern part of Germany. These special Christmas decorations combine movement and light with intricate carving. These delightful Pyramids are certain to be a family favorite for generations.

How does a Weihnachtspyramide work?

How do they work? The idea is simple, when candles are lit, they heat the air. As hot air rises, it causes the propeller to spin, making the display turn.

How do you say Weihnachtspyramide?

The Weihnachtspyramide (pronounced vine-ocks-peer-uh-meed-ah) is a turning, wooden, carousel-like decoration that is typically, in smaller form, hung from ceilings or set on tables.

How do you pronounce Weihnachtspyramide?

What are the German Christmas pyramids called?

The 26-foot carousel-like structure is called a Weihnachtspyramide, or Christmas Pyramid. These wooden pyramids are a traditional German decoration dating back to the 16th century.

Why does my German Christmas pyramid not turn?

Second: Check the angle of the fan blades, they need to be at 30 degrees. So start out with the blades level to the floor, then turn them up to 30 degrees. Many times the blades are set to 60 degrees not 30 degrees and at that angle they may not turn the pyramid.

How do you clean a German Christmas pyramid?

If just dusting yours off will not clean it, then the use of water and a damp cloth or brush can be used. By no means should any cleaning material containing vinegar or ammonia be used. Both of those ingredients can be found in the many all purpose cleaners and window cleaners on the market.

Why is my German Christmas pyramid not spinning?

Place your pyramid in a cool, draught-free spot ‘Cool and still’ are your pyramids best friends: If it is too hot, the fans will not spin very fast. If it is too breezy, the heat from your candles will disperse rather than rise.