Where does CPAN install to?

Where does CPAN install to?

CPAN doesn’t actually install files. It runs the install script embedded in each distribution, which then performs the actual install. For distributions using ExtUtils::MakeMaker, the defaults are documented here: https://metacpan.org/pod/ExtUtils::MakeMaker#make-install (and the default value of INSTALLDIRS is site ).

How install CPAN perl module Ubuntu?

Install CPAN modules into your local Perl library using App::cpanminus

  1. Ubuntu/Debian: apt-get install cpanminus.
  2. RedHat /Centos: yum install perl-App-cpanminus (Requires EPEL also be installed yum install epel-release )

How do I check if a perl module is installed Ubuntu?

Check installed perl modules via terminal Available commands are: l – List all installed modules m – Select a module q – Quit the program cmd? Then type l to list all the installed modules, you can also use command m to select the module and get its information. After finish, just type q to quit.

How do I run CPAN?

Setting up CPAN

  1. Log into your server via SSH.
  2. Create the following directories:
  3. Set up CPAN to install the modules.
  4. If the CPAN setup doesn’t appear, then enter o conf init at the cpan> prompt.
  5. Type yes and then press the Enter key.
  6. Press the Enter key to accept local::lib.
  7. Type yes and then click the Enter key.

How do I know if cpan module is installed?

Installing the perl module

  1. Verify if the perl module is installed; you have two options for verification (using the perl command or find): perl -e “use Date:: module name ”
  2. Install the perl module, using the following command: cpan -i module name.

How do I find my cpan version?

How do I tell what version of a module is installed?

  1. CPAN. If you have cpan installed (type cpan in your command prompt), then you can use: i ModuleName.
  2. CPANPLUS. If you have cpanplus installed, (type cpanp ), then you can use: l ModuleName.
  3. Command Line.
  4. ActiveState (Windows)
  5. ppm (Windows)
  6. See also.

Where are Perl modules installed in Ubuntu?

You’ll find them in /usr/lib/perl/{VERSION}/ as well as /usr/lib64/perl/{VERSION}/ . {VERSION} corresponding to the version of Perl. You can get it with perl –version .