Where is the Taylor House from The Andy Griffith Show?

Where is the Taylor House from The Andy Griffith Show?

For the Mayberry fan, there is no other place to experience Mayberry but in Andy Griffith’s own home….Andy’s Homeplace.

Address 711 E. Haymore St., Mount Airy, NC
Phone (336) 789-5999
Email [email protected]
Pet Friendly No

Can you visit where Andy Griffith was filmed?

This quaint North Carolina town was Andy Griffith’s childhood home and the inspiration for Mayberry in the beloved 1960s sitcom The Andy Griffith Show. Everyone says you have to visit the real-life Mayberry in Mount Airy.

Was any of Andy Griffith Show filmed in NC?

Mount Airy, North Carolina: Andy Griffith TV Town of Mayberry. Andy Griffith’s hometown is full of 1960s TV show gems made famous on the Andy Griffith Show.

Is Mount Pilot a real place?

Pilot Mountain was the inspiration for the fictional town of Mount Pilot in “The Andy Griffith Show,” a nearby larger town near Mayberry. Nearby the actual town is Pilot Mount State Park which is known for its Big Pinnacle peak seen for several miles.

Was the house on the Andy Griffith show real?

The living room, dining room, kitchen, porch, and the entire house are all recreated as accurately as possible from the show. Since the Fall 2009, the house has boasted a putting green in the back.

Where is the lake in the opening of The Andy Griffith Show?

Franklin Canyon Park
Franklin Lake
Wikimedia | © OpenStreetMap
Type Urban park
Location Unincorporated area abutting Beverly Hills Post Office, Beverly Hills, and the city of Los Angeles, California

What is Opie a nickname for?

Believe it or not, it traces back to the old Viking name “Asbjorn” (“God bear,” essentially). The diminuative nickname of Asbjorn evolved from “Asbie” to “Obby” to “Oppy” to “Opie,” which could mean “Son of Asbjorn.” What would Barney say if he knew Andy perhaps had Viking blood?

Is there a real town called Mayberry in North Carolina?

There is a real-world version of Mayberry. It’s Andy Griffith’s hometown of Mount Airy, North Carolina, upon which Mayberry was based. Not only is the town real, but it’s loaded with fun stuff to do.

How much does it cost to stay at Andy Griffith house?

$179.00 per night
The cost to stay in the Andy Griffith Home Place is $179.00 per night plus tax during non event days and $200.00 per night during event days. If you would like to make reservations please contact us at 1-800-565-5249 and the Guest Service Representative will be happy to assist you.

Where is the police car from Andy Griffith Show?

— in Danville, Indiana. The car is parked in front of the Mayberry Cafe, a restaurant that serves menu items like the Barney Burger and Aunt Bee’s Famous 3 Piece Fried Chicken Dinner as episodes of the classic show are broadcast on televisions.

Where is Betty Lynn from the andy griffith show?


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  • Trey Bowden
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