Where was hounded filmed?

Where was hounded filmed?

Salt Lake City, Utah
Hounded is a 2001 Disney Channel Original Movie starring Tahj Mowry, Craig Kirkwood, Shia LaBeouf and Ed Begley, Jr. It was filmed in Salt Lake City, Utah at the Madeleine Choir School campus.

What happens at the end of hounded?

In the end, it is assumed that following Jay and Mike’s frame job on Ronny for Camille’s “kidnapping”, Armand opens up an investigation and eventually uncovers both Ronny’s plagiarism and Ward’s attempted cover-up of it.

What was the first original Disney Channel movie?

Tiger Town
The first Disney Channel Original Movie was the movie Tiger Town. This is a list of movies produced for the U.S. cable channel Disney Channel. Such movies are currently called Disney Channel Original Movies (DCOM), and were previously known as Disney Channel Premiere Films.

How old is Atticus O Sullivan?

Atticus O’Sullivan, whose real name is Siodhachan O Suileabhain, is a 2100-year-old Irish Druid, the last of his kind. His defining physical characteristics are his fiery red hair, and strong physical presence, and the similar build as a very, very fit 21 year old.

How many Disney originals are there?

Disney Channel broadcast all previous 99 Disney Channel Original Movies that came before it, beginning with the 51 most popular films airing over the four-day weekend, beginning May 27, 2016 and continuing throughout the following month until the June 24 premiere of the aforementioned 100th Disney Channel Original …

Is there a horse sense 2?

Jumping Ship (also known as Horse Sense 2) is the 2001 sequel to the Disney Channel Original Movie, Horse Sense. It stars brothers Joey Lawrence, Matthew Lawrence, and Andy Lawrence. Directed by Michael Lange.

What is hound answer?

A hound is a type of dog that is often used for hunting or racing. Synonyms: dog, pooch [informal], mutt [informal], cur More Synonyms of hound.

Is Hounder a word?

hounder n. One who hounds or harasses somebody.