Which book is best for BSc 1st year zoology?

Which book is best for BSc 1st year zoology?

V. K. Agarwal, is a comprehensive book for B.Sc. first year students. The book is as per the UGC model curriculum, and comprises of three units: Animal Diversity-1, Cell Biology and Biochemistry, and Genetics.

Which book is best for BSc 2nd year zoology?


  • ISBN: 9788194774617.
  • Edition: NEW, 2020.
  • Pages: 742.

What is the syllabus of zoology?

Zoology Syllabus

Morphology Biochemistry
Tools and Techniques in Biology Animal Physiology and Ethology
Genetics and Evolution Structure and Function of Vertebrates
Environmental Biology Biology of Parasitism
Chronobiology Proteins- Structure, Functions, and Evolution

What is B Sc Zoology?

BSc Zoology is the advanced study and research in the field of Biological Oceanography, Competitive Physiology, Ecology, Developmental and Cell Biology, Vertebrate and Invertebrate Zoology, Parasitology.

How many books are there in BSC Biology 1st year?

Pariksha Saar B.Sc 1st Year Bio Group (Set Of 9 Books) (Paperback, Hindi, Navbodh Prakashan)

What is the syllabus of B Sc zoology 1st year?

First Year BSc Zoology Syllabus

BSc Zoology Syllabus for 1st year
Life and Diversity from Annelida to Arthropoda and Genetics – 1 Life and Diversity from Colentrata to Helminthes and Cell Biology – 2
Ecology Evolution and Genetics
Microbiology Cell and Molecular Biology
Wildlife Forensic Microbial Diversity

How many subjects are there in BSc zoology?

BSc BZC is a program that includes three of science subjects. It has a vast BZC course that has the study of all detailed subjects such as botany, zoology, and chemistry.

Is BSc Zoology hard?

Originally Answered: Is zoology a hard major? Zoology as major for BSc is simple for any one who has interest & liking in Zoology. Major Zoology includes vertebrate, invertebrate study, ecology, physiology, genetics, evolution, development biology & few units on biochemistry, biostatistics .

What is the syllabus of BSc Zoology 1st year?

Which is the best book for BSC Zoology?

All the books that explain any topic in an easy-to-understand way are best. However, for BSc Zoology, you can go for S.Chand Books. How can I download S. Chand Books in PDF format?

How many books are there in BSc biology?

Biology is a natural science that studies life and living organisms. In the Bachelor of Science, this subject comprises 3 books each semester. 5. BSc Zoology According to Wikipedia, Zoology is the branch of biology that studies the animal kingdom.

Which is the best book for biology for a first year student?

1 1: Zoology for Degree Students by S.Chand 2 2: Invertebrate Zoology by S.Chand 3 3: Cell Biology, Genetics, Molecular Biology, Evolution & Ecology by Dr.P.S.Verma 4 4: A Textbook for Genetics by S.S. Randhawa More

What is the syllabus of BSc Biotechnology?

BSc Biotechnology Biotechnology is a branch of biology that deals with various biological processes. If we look at the syllabus of Biotechnology, it seems to be somewhere similar to Biology. This is how we have discussed the syllabus of various subjects that you can choose during your bachelor’s in Science.