Which of the following are tab stops quizlet?

Which of the following are tab stops quizlet?

The four types of tab stops are left tab stop, right tab stop, center tab stop, and decimal tab stop. The left tab stop aligns the beginning of the text at the stop. The right tab stop aligns the end of the text at the stop.

What are the five types of alignment in Word quizlet?

Alignment refers to the position of lines in a paragraph in relation to the documents left and right margins; i.e., whether they are left-aligned, centered, right-aligned, or justified (evenly spaced).

Which tab shows the paragraph spacing settings?

Design tab
On the Design tab, in the Document Formatting group, select Paragraph Spacing to display the Paragraph Spacing menu. Select the option you want to apply to all the paragraphs in the document.

What is a term in quizlet?

Singular term. a word or expression that refers to one and only one thing. You just studied 24 terms! 1/24.

What do tab stops Mark quizlet?

Marks the place where the insertion point will stop when you press Tab. Tab Stops are useful for creating tables or aligning numbered items. In Word, default tabs stops are set every half inch and are left-aligned.

What do tab stops mark?

A tab stop is the location where the cursor stops after the Tab key is pressed. Tab stops are used in word processors to allow users to align text.

Which of the following is a type of tab in Word?

Types of tab stops: Left Tab left-aligns the text at the tab stop. Center Tab centers the text around the tab stop. Right Tab right-aligns the text at the tab stop. Decimal Tab aligns decimal numbers using the decimal point.

What are the four text alignments quizlet?

The four primary types of text alignment include left aligned, right aligned, centered, and justified. A margin is the space between the text and the edge of your document. By default, a new document’s margins are set to Normal, which means it has a one-inch space between the text and each edge.

How does the mouse pointer change when the mouse is moved into the selection bar area?

The text area also contains an unmarked section (located on the far left of the Word screen) called the selection area or selection bar. This area is used to quickly select text. When you position the mouse in this are it will change your mouse pointer to a large rightward pointing arrow.

Where is the paragraph tab in Word?

On the Home tab, in the Paragraph group, choose Paragraph Settings. Click the Tabs button.

What is the session quizlet?

session. period of time during which, each year, Congress assembles an conducts business.

What is the purpose of the definitions section quizlet?

All statutes have a definitions section that defines key terms used in the statute. If the term “or” is used in a statute, both of the conditions or listed items are required.