Which Supergirl is Earth?

Which Supergirl is Earth?

Earth-38. Perhaps the second-most important Earth in the multiverse is Earth-38, which is the home universe of Supergirl (and her cousin Superman).

Why is Supergirl on Earth-38?

The 38 is, apparently, a reference/homage to 1938, the year in which the first Superman comic was published.

Is Supergirl from Earth-38?

Species. Earth-38 was one of the many universes in the multiverse. It was the home universe of Superman and Supergirl. During the Anti-Monitor Crisis, the entire universe was engulfed in a wave of antimatter, with 3 billion of Earth’s citizens surviving due to evacuation to Earth-1, making them refugees.

Who is Earth 19 Flash?

In the DC comics, Accelerated Man is the Earth 19 equivalent of the Flash. It is unknown whether Accelerated Man and the Flash of his Earth have any relation in the Arrowverse.

Is Krypton bigger than Earth?

Superman was born on the planet Krypton. This planet is much bigger than Earth and therefore, has a greater gravitational force than Earth.

What Earth is Batman?

The Batman will take place on Earth-2 in the DC Films’ multiverse, but another CW show is already inhabiting that universe.

Is there a Batman on Earth-38?

Bruce Wayne is a vigilante on Earth-38 known as the Batman.

Who is the Earth-3 Flash?

Dr. Jay Garrick is a physicist and the vigilante known as The Flash on Earth-3.

Who is The Flash on Earth 3?


Earth-Three (1964–1985/ 2007–2011) Anti-matter Earth (1992–2011) New Earth / Prime Earth counterpart
Ultraman Lieutenant Clark Kent/Ultraman Superman
Owlman Thomas Wayne Jr/Owlman Batman
Superwoman Lois Lane/Superwoman Wonder Woman
Johnny Quick The Flash