Who got famous from Degrassi?

Who got famous from Degrassi?

8 Degrassi stars who made it big

  • Drake: Before he was Drake, the megastar, he was Aubrey Graham, aspiring Canadian actor.
  • Nina Dobrev: A Toronto native and daughter of Bulgarian immigrants, Dobrev got an early taste of fame as teen mom Mia Jones.
  • Shenae Grimes:Grimes played Christian rape victim Darcy Edwards.

Why did Ryan Cooley leave Degrassi?

Contrary to popular belief, the choice to leave Degrassi was not Ryan’s. He revealed in a 2007 interview that the writers decided to kill J.T. off, although Ryan was considering going to college at the time. “It did come as a surprise to me that my character was getting killed off the show,” explained Cooley.

Why did Nina Dobrev leave Degrassi?

Dobrev left Degrassi in 2009 to star in The CW’s supernatural drama series The Vampire Diaries, a television adaptation of the book series of the same name, playing the lead role of Elena Gilbert. Dobrev recurrently played a 500-year-old doppelgänger vampire named Katherine Pierce.

What happened to JT from Degrassi?

His life was cut short at only seventeen years old, as he was stabbed and killed outside of Emma’s house during Liberty’s 17th birthday party by Drake Lempkey, a very drunk Lakehurst Secondary School student. He was portrayed by Ryan Cooley.

Why did Darcy from Degrassi leave?

In Fight the Power, Darcy tells Peter that she is leaving the next day to build a school in Kenya, as a way to atone for her mistakes last year.

Did you know it’s 18 years since Degrassi first aired?

I know this might make you feel old as heck, but this October makes it 18 years since the first episode of Degrassi: The Next Generation aired!!! Degrassi: TNG had some of the wildest and messiest characters in teen drama history, and TBH, no show will ever truly compare.

Who are the actors in the movie Degrassi?

‘Degrassi’: Where Are They Now? 1 Drake. Credit: CATV/Courtesy Everett Collection; Scott Dudelson/Getty Images. THEN: Before Drake made it big as a rapper, he was simply Aubrey Graham, 2 Nina Dobrev. 3 Shenae Grimes. 4 Miriam McDonald. 5 Daniel Clark.

What happened to Steve from Degrassi after the movie?

NOW: Clark’s most notable role after Degrassi was as Steve in 2007’s Juno. Soon after, he quit acting and attended NYU. He’s worked in several media jobs and is now the managing director for eFresh Meals, a meal-delivery service based in Canada.

What happened to Jennifer McIntyre from Degrassi?

NOW: Degrassi was McIntyre’s last on-screen project, and for the most part, she’s kept a private life. She briefly reappeared in 2012 as a singer in former INXS frontman J.D. Fortune’s band.