Who has the lowest vocal range in BTS?

Who has the lowest vocal range in BTS?

The BTS members believed to have the lowest voice is V Technically, three of the BTS members are considered to be tenors by fans. When it comes to V, though, some categorize him as a baritone, having a deeper voice than Jimin, Jungkook, and Jin.

Is Taehyung a baritone or tenor?

He is indeed classified as a lyric baritone by true vocal experts. The quality of his voice fits the traits as one as, it’s husky, deep, sometimes rough, warm, thick and soulful. Taehyung is actually 1 of the 4 baritones present in BTS.

Which BTS member has the highest vocal range?

Based on the analysis, the expert concluded that Jungkook has the “highest” voice among the seven members of BTS.

Who is the 2nd best singer in BTS?

Jin(bts) is the second best vocalist in bts : r/unpopularkpopopinions.

What is Taehyung vocal type?

lyric baritone vocalist
BTS, like every other KPOP group, favors tenor or a soprano, it’s no surprise to see main vocalists to be a tenor, irrespective of quality of voice and technique. V’s voice stands out being the only lyric baritone vocalist with other three tenors and three baritones (Rap line) in the group as per real vocal experts.

Who has the best falsetto in BTS?

Jungkook is also known as a very stable vocalist, and has the most stable vocals out of all the vocalists in BTS.

Who in BTS has absolute pitch?

BTS’ Jungkook hailed as “Musical Prodigy” as he awes bandmates and fans worldwide with his “Perfect Pitch” on ‘Run BTS’ BTS’s Jungkook demonstrated his “Perfect Pitch” during the most recent Run BTS episode, impressing his fellow members and fans worldwide.

Who can rap the fastest in BTS?

The exact speed of this rapper is still up for debate, though, as one fan on Quora stated, “Suga is the fastest rapper in BTS and is the second fastest rapper in South Korea with 9.38 syllables per second.”

Who has unique voice in BTS?

Ranking/Analysing BTS’ Vocal Line (2019) Jimin’s voice is absolutely unique and perfect just the way it is .