Who is the richest reggae artist 2021?

Who is the richest reggae artist 2021?

Here is a list of the richest reggae/dancehall artists alive today.

  1. Shaggy – Net Worth US$22 Million.
  2. Jimmy Cliff – Net Worth US$18 Million.
  3. Sean Paul – US$ 11 Million.
  4. Ziggy Marley – Net Worth 10 Million.
  5. Sean Kingston – Net Worth US$ 7 Million.
  6. Damian Marley – Net Worth US$ 6 Million.
  7. Maxi Priest – US$ 4.6 Million.

What is Movado net worth?

Mavado net worth and career earnings: Mavado is a Jamaican singer who has a net worth of $4 million dollars….Mavado Net Worth.

Net Worth: $4 Million
Profession: Singer, Barber, Disc jockey, Musician, Actor, Record producer
Nationality: Jamaica

Who is the number 1 dancehall artist in Jamaica?

1. Vybz Kartel. Vybz Kartel is no doubt a household name in the international dancehall scene. The Jamaican artist popularity keeps rising despite him facing murder charges and serving time for killing a businessman in 2011.

Who is the highest paid dancehall artist?

Bounty Killer – US$ 3 Million Dancehall veteran Bounty Killer is regarded as the most influential artist in dancehall music today. Killer is responsible for the careers of some of dancehall top acts currently including Mavado, Busy Signal and controversial artist Vybz Kartel.

Who is the richest reggae artist?

Beenie Man – US$ 3.7 Million Beenie Man is rose to stardom in the early 1990ies and has since been rocking up the charts with his catalog of hits. The “Zim Zimmer” deejay has acquired a solid net worth over the years and can safely join the ranks of richest reggae/dancehall artists alive.

What is the highest paid reggae song of the last decade?

His song “Welcome To Jamrock” was named the top reggae song of the last decade by New York Times. Both albums “Half Way Tree” and “Welcome To Jamrock” was certified Gold in the US. His collaborative album “Distant Relatives” with rapper Nas is also gaining much traction worldwide. 7. Maxi Priest – US$ 4.6 Million

Who is the most famous reggae singer with R&B influence?

Maxi Priest is another hugely successful international Reggae singer, with some r&b influence. Priest has released some 9 albums since the mid 1980ies, most of which top charts in the UK. Although Maxi Priest was born in Jamaica his parents move him to the UK at a young age, which influence the r&b flavor in his music.